(Temporarily closed... come back soon.) In Covers, I not only give covers to aspiring authors, but constructive criticism (unless requested against) to make the Movella great! Enjoy!

-K. E. Kamiko


6. The Treble With Love (by me, K. E. Kamiko)

Hey guys! Just a fun cover I made myself for my own poem, The Treble With Love! It was entered in the romance stories competition and, unfortunately for me, didn't place (Although I'm glad it didn't! The winners were SO much better!). So now is YOUR chance to give ME constructive criticism. What do you like about The Treble With Love? What didn't you like? Do you think it is a decent poem? Is it a nice-looking cover? Let me know! Love you guys!

Thanks for all your support! I couldn't do this without you amazing people. It touches my heart that people actually CARE to read MY stuff! Thanks you everybody!

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