(Temporarily closed... come back soon.) In Covers, I not only give covers to aspiring authors, but constructive criticism (unless requested against) to make the Movella great! Enjoy!

-K. E. Kamiko


10. Only Human (by S. L. Everdeen)

I cannot give you any criticism because I have not read your story. But I have taken several approaches with your covers. First, I took an "innocence" approach- that says "Cute story." I don't think it'll work... but I liked the anime girl so much I had to try it.

The next two are more "Sci-fi" and a bit less mystical and more creepy, dark. They say "Dark, creepy, dramatic story."

The next two are more "average girl"-ish. They say that the story is relatable and has a strong female main character. They give it a more "modern-teenage" feel. They're a bit more mainstream, though, because many Movellians use similar covers.

Hope you like them. Let me know what you think! And if you choose to use one, remember to say in the comments and to credit me. Thanks love!

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