(Temporarily closed... come back soon.) In Covers, I not only give covers to aspiring authors, but constructive criticism (unless requested against) to make the Movella great! Enjoy!

-K. E. Kamiko


8. My Summer Love 2 (by ImTHEmrshoran)

Hey hon! I made the cover. I only put Maddie on it because I didn't find any good pictures. I also have ZERO experience in fanfictions for celebrities, so I can't offer any criticism... (sorry.) But I can offer a tip- no personal comments in the story itself, and get an editor to proofread your work. I'm not saying you do or don't do these, but I'm just saying, they're my two BIGGEST pet peeves. Grammar and personal notes. Gah. So annoying. 

Anyway, here's your cover! Enjoy! And if you don't, let me know and I'll try again. And again. And again. Until you're satisfied. Okay, love?


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