All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


2. You wish

All the applause died down and he walked to the front of the room next to Mr. Glindzer. "Tell us about your self Harry" He encouraged. "Ello, I'm Harry of course." The table chuckles. I roll my eyes. It wasn't even funny. "I'm 22. I'm from Cheshire. I have been in this business for 4 years. I am very happy to be working here with all of you guys. You seem serious and determined." He finished. 


Wow. Thats all? For an editor he has a no vocabulary. I expected a stern and a way with words kind of guy. I already didn't like him. "Thank you Mr. Styles. You may have a seat next to Elizabeth." He pointed to the only empty seat. I curse in my head. Now he has to sit next to me for every meeting. Emily sends me the googly eyes, directing them at Mr. Styles. I shake my head in disgust. Her eyes bulge as in are-you-seriously-blind! He takes his seat and I chose to ignore his presence of course. 


"So if you have any questions, feel free to ask Elizabeth. She knows the ups and downs of this company. Like the foundation and base for all of us" He smiles. Well at least I got some what of a good introduction but it still doesn't make up for why he didn't ask me to fill in that position.


Like I have said plenty. I want this job, it's my dream. Now this jock head has it.


Mr. Glindzer finished the presentation and the memorial choosing. It turn out to be a fountain in the main lobby. Nice. It gives me something to look at. 


I pick up my bag and stood up pushing my chair back in. As I'm almost to the door he had to ask. "Lizzy" I turn to Mr. Glinzer. "Do you mind working the late shift to help settle Mr. Styles in?" I would have said no but it's more of a rhetorical question. One that doesn't need an answer. "Of course" I put on my famous fake smile. He followed me out and looked around the building. "Well is this you first time on this floor?" I ask. "Well em uh yes" He stuttered. I frown and continue down to show him to Tims office. I refuse to call it his. "This is the office you will be working in. Check it out" I let him in first. He just stood there looking at me. "Well, are you going walk in?" I ask. "Ladies first" He gestured. I sigh and walk in. I have no time for this. 


He glanced around and smiled. "It is perfect space. I love the view from here." I look at him weird. "It's just the lobby" I state. "I like people watching and it looks nice" He answered. This boy is quire. "Right anyway. Just settle in and I would start by hanging around the third floor with Emily and Helping Mrs. Rose. She always loves the help plus you'll learn how the process works" I say. "I know how this works. I did go to school for this" He chuckles. "But you don't know it our way. You have a filled in a spot of a very well known educated most genius editor. Live up to it" I smile meekly. "I'll make a name for my self but sure" He smiles back. I don't like him.


"Well have fun" I say an walk out leaving him to make a name for himself. I take the elevator down and out to the lobby behind my desk. I huff and set my things down again. I better be getting paid over time.


2 hours in and I'm starving. I tap on the cold granite desk and wiggle my sore feet. "Why are you tired? You sit at a desk all day" Jones snickered. "If you only knew" I laugh it off. "I wouldn't want to. I'd fall asleep" He continues. I bit my lip not in the mood. "You here to check or?" I ask. "Setting an appointment. Leave the talking to me" He says. "Well then I guess you don't need me. I do your appointments, I copy your pages, I grab the supplies needed for your book, I go up an down these floors to make sure your silly mistakes are corrected. You know, all that requires talking so I guess you'll just have to call in every time to check if each part is done and send them to the next. Your phone bill would go up I'm sure" I finish and he looked at me shocked. I have never went off on any client. He deserved sadly. I sigh and click away knowing the time of his usual appointments. I press copy and for it to print. I rip the my copy and place it on the desk while handing him his. "Editing another? Might want to edit a bit your self to better your chances at higher profits. Have a wonderful evening" I smiled and he walked away without another word. I grab my head. It was hurting from all this stress.


I look up to see around how busy we were. Not much. Just enough to hear the doors pushing and slight breeze every 10 minutes or so. Peace. I look knowing it's Emily lunch. I see her packing up. I smile and look to wave at Tim but only met by the eyes of Mr. Styles. I turned away and continued my appointment settings until she came down.


3 appointments in I look back up and he is still watching. "Weirdo" I mumble to my self. "Hey!" I squeal and jump around seeing it's Emily. "You scared me" I breath. "That was the point. Come, I know your hungry and staying late. Not a happy Liz." He chuckled. I laugh. "Yes please" I stand up and we take the elevator to the 2nd floor.


"Harry is hot" Em said randomly as it dinged. "Ehm, no" I say and we step out. "What?! Your blind. How could you not love those eyes and curls! Perfection!" She daydreamed. "Why don't you ask him out?" I roll my eyes. "You know I'm with Jeremy" She pushed. "Right" I sigh opening the door to the break room. It was filled with sweets and meals. I forgot they always did this every month. "Food" I graon and rush over to grab a plate. I heard the door open but I stuck with scanning how much I could devour in 30 minutes.


"Hello ladies" Mr. Styles voice made my mood annoyed. "I took an empanada on my plate followed by Chinese rice. "Elizabeth" He stood next to me with a smile. "Hi" I say and move the bread sticks. "Quite the appetite" He observed. "Yes. I haven't eaten all day" Why am I even explaining to him? It's none of his business. "Oh. Mind passing me a fork?" He pointed to the utensils. I hand him one and walk over to the beverages. Emily trying to keep up. I poured my self some orange soda and sat in our usual table and Emily sat down too. 


Mr. Styles walked over to a different table and played with his phone. I felt bad but I always do when I see people sitting alone. "Harry" Emily called. I shot her a look. She glanced at me and smiled back at him. "Why sit over there? Come" She patted the spot. I sigh. "Sorry, didn't want to interrupt" He said. "This isn't primary school" She giggled. "He acts like it" I mumble under my breath.


He took his seat between the both of us. "So how are you liking it so far?" She started small talk. I chose to just munch away at my lunch and diner. "It's comfy and relaxed. Smooth envirement" He smiles. Can he stop smiling for once? "Wait until you start working the tough things." I say. "I'm sure its' manageable" He shrugs. I raise my brows and take a sip out of my soda. "So your a receptionist" He nods at me. I nod back. "That must be busy and hard" He frowns. Ah, a new facial expression. "It is but gets manageable" I mock. He laughs. "Good one" I frown back. He doesn't understand what an insult is? 


"Well I have to sort piles of jumbo paper work. See you guys later. Text me" Emily waves and gives me a hug. I will get her back for that. "So you guys know it each other well?" He asks. Nosy much? "Your a very curious boy aren't you?" I say. "Well I want to have some people to talk to. I mean I don't want to be mute and talk about work all the time" He explains. "You have your fellow 5th floor co-workers" I smile. "And my fellow foundation" He grins at me referring to what Mr. Glindzer introduced me as. I let out an airy chuckle. "I have to get back to my home. See ya." I pick up my trash and throw it away. "Alright. Hop to see you tomorrow" He smiles. I nod and walk out. You wish.


Enjoying it so far? Might be a bit bring but I promise it gets better. You guys should know ;)


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