All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


6. Wow

I guess Harry was nicer than me. He said he'll be at the party. I had on a blue dress that was tight at the bust and flowy down to my knees. I wanted to keep it simple. I threw on some black heels and black hooped earrings. I left my hair down since the messy bun gave it some volume.


I finish my usual makeup and head out my door. I look at my empty drive way. My car was still in the city. It's probably towed by now. I sigh, I'll deal with that later.


I walk down to Emilys and hear the blasting techno music. This girl is crazy. I knock and ring her door bell. In a few seconds her dark red hair shows up. "Nice color" I note. "Thanks. He's here" She winks. 


"Em I can't just walk up to him. I'll stand around near him with you next to me." I say. "Well planned Liz. He's in the kitchen I think" She hums and pulls me with her.


She was right. He was laughing with Sasha. "Sprite?" Em asks. I nod and glance at Harry as I walk past him. She handed me the soda and walked directly to them. So much for not being obvious. "You guys good?" She asks. "Great" Harry smiles. He looks at me. I give him a small smile. He just nods and turns his attention back to Sasha and Emily. I stand there listening to them have a great time.


"Sasha I got to show you something. Be back guys" Em winks an drags Sasha with her to some other room. Harry and I just stand there. "You know I really am sorry" I start. "Why are you trying so hard to be forgiven?" He asks. "Because I know when I do something wrong I like to make it right. We will be around each other a lot. I don't like having enemies." I say. "Well it's going to take more than a sorry and your need for everyone liking you" He rolled his eyes. "I don't care if you like me or not. I just want you to know that I'm sorry and that I didn't mean to come off as a bitch" I explain. "Well you did" He said and walked away. I sigh. This was pointless. Harry is the most stubborn prideful person ever.


I make my way to the back to find Emily. I scan her backyard but see no red head anywhere. "Looking for someone?" A deep voice asked behind me. I whip around to see familiar chocolate brown eyes. "I'm sorry have we met before?" I ask. "I say we have" He grins. I take a better look at him. "Liam?" He smiles. "No way. Liam Payne? As in chemistry nerd?" I speculate. "Well when you put it that way, then yes" He laughs. "Wow. You look good, I mean. I can't believe it's you" I laugh shocked. "You haven't changed a bit Liz" He smiles. I pull him into hug. I feel his muscular frame as he hugs me back. "So I see you found Liam" I turn around seeing her. "Where have you been?" I ask her. "Around so you two catch up?" She frowns. "Briefly. I need to look for Sophia as well. Here" He took his phone out. "Whats your number?" 


"Oh, 301-555-4760" I say. He types it in and locks his pone. "Text me sometime so we can all hang. Nice seeing you again" He kissed our cheeks and left. "He was always the charmer" Emily drooled. "Sometimes I worry you'll break Jeremys heart" I joke. "Shut up he knows I would never do such a thing. So how was it with Harry?" She asks. "He still mad. That boy can hold a grudge" I roll my eyes annoyed. "Chill, he'll come around." She shrugs. "Yea right" I dismiss. "You never know" She sang and grabbed a drink. "Have some fun" She slurps. "I think I'll just head home" She placed her cup down. "Elizabeth are you serious? You just got here. Your the only person that would do these kinds of things" She groans. "Do what things?" I frown. "Your boring and your not surprising. You live so ordered and you can't let lose. It gets hard sometimes for me. I debate on whether I can invite you to things like this. Your my best friend but other times your just my-I don't know therapist" She admitted. 


"Wow nice to know the truth came out. Sorry I give you more therapy sessions then girl time. I'll see you for your next session when you need help or advice" I spoke calmly and walked out. Am I really that bad?


I was drinking away my problems. Here I am. Just like my mother. Vodka in one hand and a ciggerete in the other. Watching old classical sad movies from the 1800's. If you weren't Emily than you wouldn't know why I am who I am today. I guess she has the right to blow off that steam. I'm a troubled child inside with a front of an independent young woman on the outside. 


I rub my eyes and groan. My head was pounding. I grab the bottle of Advil and took two. Great start for the day. Maybe some jogging would help. 


I watch the trees go by as I keep a steady pace. I wave to a neighbor who walks his dog every morning. I got distracted and bumped into someone. "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." I say and look up. "Hey" I smile at him and continue to jog. I wanted to avoid an awkward conversation. I look back and see him catch up to me. I decide to ignore and continue. He doesn't want to talk to me anyways.


"I'm sorry too I guess" His husky voice comes through the foggy morning air. "No your fine" I shrug. "Ehm can we stopped for a moment?" He looks at me. I nod and stop in my tracks. "Can we move past this?" He asks. "Perfect" I smile. My phone started ringing.


"Hello?" I frown at the unknown number. "Yes is this Elizabeth?" A mans voice. "Yes, speaking?" I ask. "I'm Earl and I'm letting you that your car is in our shop" I sigh. "Oh no. Why? It broke down two nights ago" I whine. "Sorry it's private property. You can come pick it up for a fine thats 150 pounds". "Alright" I hang up. 


"I have to go but glad we're okay" I smile. "I can take you" He spoke. I look at him confused. "Oh! No, I can't let you. You've done enough. I'll catch a bus or something" I decline. "I'll race you" He smirks and sprints off. "What? Harry I won't let you!" I sprint to catch up to him. He was pretty fast on those long legs but I have done track so I have pretty good stamina and speed.


I whip past him and hop to slow down at his house. "Wow" He pants arriving a few seconds after. "Your good on those little feet" He laughs. "I try" I laugh. "Let me get my keys quickly. Want some water?" He asks. "Sure" I nod and follow him inside


"You have good taste" I nod admiringly. "Thanks." He hands me a bottle of water. "Ready?" I ask. "Of course" He nods. "Just checking it looked like you were about to pass out" I tease. "Shut up. I was ahead at one point" He defends. "You had like a 7 second head start and I still past you. Care to explain Styles?" I laugh. "No comment until I have my attorney" He turns his face. We break into a laugh as he opened the door for me. I still smile whenever he does that.


"Speaking of attorney. We need to set you up with one" I state. "Why?" He asks worried. "Oh your not in trouble. It's just precaution the company takes just in case people try to sue. Those people who can't handle rejection or criticism" I clarify. "Right. Have you gotten sued before?" He asks looking over at me as we stop at a red light. "Oh yeah. But only 2 times. The first was because they tried to blame me for mixing their interview dates and  second for ruining their book. It was just the guy wanted to do the process on his own so he had to send it to editing. I gave him his written copy pages on the paper with editing columns. He didn't know that though." I laugh. "Wow. People are crazy" He shook his head and pressed on the gas. "I know right"


Yea pretty boring but next chapter I'll make it a bit more interesting ;)



Love ye Robins!

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