All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


5. Why don't you like me?

My alarm sounds off and I groan. I didn't feel like going to work for once. I didn't sleep too much last night. I kept waking up. I look at my phone and see a voice mail. I press play.


"All employees must not report to work today due to minor damages to the property. A ceiling must have had a crack and the rain seeped in and through our ventilation. I will you know until further notice when to come back. Thank you"


I smile and scream. "NO WORK!!!!!!!!!" I bounce on my bed and twirl around falling on my bum. I dial Emilys number quickly.


"Hello?" Her voice sounded raspy. Wait-"Jeremy?" I ask. "Hey Liz whats up?" He greets. "Sorry to wake you but is Em around?" He tells me to wait while he gets her. I squeal and kick my legs. "Yea?" Her voice came through. "Did you hear?!" I gush. "Yes no work. Why do you think Jeremy picked up the phone?" She laughs. "Your cooking breakfast?" I grin. "Of course. the annual breakfast but this time a bit early. I invited a couple of us crazy people." She says. "Wait and you didn't call me?"i frown. "I knew you would call." She hissed. "GOD WHY DO I ALWAYS BURN MYSELF!!" I heard hear yell through. I laugh. "Karma bitch well anyway I'll get ready and be over" I say. "Great I have a surprise for you" She giggles. "Oh that doesn't sound too good but whatever." I roll my eyes and say our goodbyes.


I tied my hair into a messy and bun and threw on washed out skinny jeans with a red Jack Willis hoodie. It was still raining hard outside. I applied mascara and red lipstick. I pop my lips and slide on my red vans. "Decent" I say to myself in the mirror and grab my phone and jog to Emilys house.


"This is the best breakfast" Jeremy hums. I laugh. "Jeremy you love anything she cooks" I tease. "Well she cooks good. Well fed man" He slapped his chest. We all laughed. We had Carl a friend of Jeremy and Sasha an old friend from primary school we hang out once in awhile.


The doorbell rang. "Here I'l get it, keep those hashbrowns coming" I call. "Preach!" Jeremy shouts. I giggle and went up to the front door. I stopped my laughing short seeing who it was. "Oh? I'm sorry I was looking for Emily, I thought your house was back -" "It is" I cut him off. "This is Em's house. We're having a breakfast thing" I explain. "Right yea thats what she told me" I frown. Why would-Oh no. She didn't. "She told me she invited you" I test. "Yea she did" He answered. This girl has some nerve. I step aside. "Well come in Mr.-" I sop myself. "Harry" I correct. It felt weird saying his name. "Right" He nods and steps in. "Follow me" I guide him back to the kitchen. I stand there and she turns around. "Ah just in time Styles" She laughs. I glare at her. She just smiles at me. Shes knows whats coming for her.


Everyone found Mr. Styles hilarious. I just smiled and kept quite. I still didn't want to refer to him as Harry so I didn't talk. We ate our breakfast and little by little people started to leave. By 11am it was just Mr. Styles and I there. "Well I have to go and do some things. You know the morning duties" I excuse. Emily gives me a look. "Yea I guess I shout get going too. It was nice talking to you guys. Thanks for inviting me and Emily really good Hash Browns" Harry hugs her and bro hugged with Jeremy. Really? Not you too! Emily gave me a hug. "I'm going to kill you" I whisper in her ear. "Don't forget to invite me to the wedding" She snickers. I pushed her and gave my hug to Jeremy and we both left. 


Mr. Styles and I were walking awkwardly near each other. I was a bit ahead of him. "Why don't you like me?" He asked all of a sudden. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Him frowning and looking straight at me. "W-what makes you think that?" I ask dumbly. "Oh come on. I'm not stupid. You gave me the cold shoulder on the first day. You kept rubbing the fact that I'll never be as good as Tim in my face and I over hear you talking about me to Emily all the time. You roll your eyes at when I talk and you won't even call me by my own name" He listed. I felt really bad now. I felt like a bully and childish.


He sighs and walks past me. I stood there shocked. "Harry wait" I turn around and caught up to him. "I'm really sorry" I say. "Still won't change the fact that you hate my guts. I mean what did I ever do to you?" He glanced at me and kept walking. "I-I'm sorry. I was mad and jealous that you got handed the job I always wanted and asked for and was promised once a position was offered. But Mr. Glindzer explained that he wanted me to be Executive CEO of the company thats why" I apologized. "Well congratulations but if he never told you, you would treat me like shit" He grumbled. "I'm really sorry I didn't mean to come off that way. I'm a nice person I'm not stuck thats on at work" I explain. "I judge off of first impressions. Sorry but no thanks" He said. 


"Your the one acting childish now" I roll my eyes. He shook his head. "I really hate arguing and having people hate me and I realized your weren't that bad because you looked like a smug asshole know it all" I sigh. "You still turned me down last night. Oh I like keeping it professional. Professional my ass. I took it personal because it was" He snapped. "Whatever I tried. I don't trust people easily" I mutter. "And I don't forgive easily" He shot back and unlocked his door. I stood there shocked at how rude he was being. "I could care less" I finished and kept walking home.


After that big blowout with Harry I went home and decided on going for jog to clear this unneeded stress and called Emily too. "I'm sorry Liz but he's got a point." She sighed. "But I apologized" I squeak. "You still were kind or ignorant last night. He gave you a ride even when you acted like a dick to him" I roll my eyes. "Fine I guess I was wrong then. He doesn't want to talk to me anyway so theres no point in fixing it" I keep my jogging pace up. "Be nice to him when we get back to work. Or I could help you!" She beams. :Wait what no! I'm not letting you do anything. I'm just venting" I shake my head. "I'll do a party tonight and invite him" She plans. "He won't come cause he knows I'll most likely be there" I sigh. "No he'll come. He's much nicer than you" She laughs. Whatever just tell me what he says." I take a sip out of my water bottle. "Will do. Bye liz" Sh sang. "Thanks Em see you later" I say and hang up. 


Can't wait to party with Harry. Note the sarcasm.



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