All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


1. Welcome to the team

I stretch my upper body and swing my legs over to touch the cold wooden floors. I blink and rub my eyes. "Another day" I say to myself and head to for the bathroom. 


I wash my face and take a quick warm shower. Stepping out, I rub my wet feet on the carpet to dry. I sigh and wrap a towel around my body. I shiver once I open the door, the fog of the bathroom mixing with the dry cold air of my flat. I skip carefully to my closet and grab my usual work attire. Pantyhose, pencil skirt, long sleeve button up shirt and heels.


Today my pencil skirt would be navy and my shirt, white. I slid my pantyhose on and searched for some black heels. I got on my knees to rumage around the floor. I found them all the way in the corner. I reach for them and stand back up. I pull on my skirt and sit on the bed. I fit my small feet into my heels and up again to head for the kitchen.


My eyes search the cabinet for something other than maple oatmeal. I sigh giving up. "Coffee at the office with a muffin it is" I mutter. I tune in for some daily news.


"Hello and Goooood morning London!" Shelby Hiner. Anchor for the London morning news. Everyday I listen to her annoying perky voice. The same script every day. "I bet it's going to be cloudy with a 100% chance of rain" I mumble. "Todays forecast, as well as all week will be cloudy and rainy. These nights will be colder than the last though" I laugh. I look at the time. Work. I shut the telly and grab my purse along with my name tag and key pass. "Oi" I pass my self in the mirror. I forget to tuck in my shirt and I will need a blazer. I stick my hands down in my skirt and adjust the shirt and snatch a black blazer. "Done" I breath and head for the door.


My fingers drum against the stirring wheel. My eyes wander around. Looking at the same Bakeries, business and cars around me every morning. The light turned green but no body was moving. I leave home to have exactly 30 minutes to get to work. Any later, won't be enough for me to get settled and start the day off in a good mood. I beep my horn impatiently. I hear people shout cuss words and more horns. I roll down my window. "I have a job to keep up with" I yell and push the button for it to go back up. I see the cars ahead start to drive up. "Finally" I breath.


"Elizabeth" My co-workers greet. I smile and walk steadily around the busy and important people. I reach the locker room and set my things in. I clip the tag and keep my pass in my blazer pocket. I puff out a breath and push open the door. 


I sit at the tall granite front desk. No one seems to be needing any directions so I log into my account ans check the agenda for today. I work at a publishing company. Every morning from 9 to 4pm, I watch my dream being lived through other people. Other times it's rubbed in my face.


"Elizabeth" Here is a perfect example of those who rub it in my face.  Mr. Jones. Published 6 books and they have done very well in profits. Our most prized client. "Jones" I put on a smile. "Mind doing your job by looking up what floor Mr. Glindzer is on?" He smirks. I nod. "Floor 6. Would you like for me to buzz you in?" I ask. "No need to be an over achiever in the reception office. Your small duties have been given recognition. Thank you" He walks in straight poster to the elevator. I roll my eyes once he's gone. 


3 hours have passed and I have been giving directions, setting up appointments and other such small duties. I struggle to keep my eyes open. My head leaning my my hand. "Elizabeth, we need you in Mr.Rivers office" I jump up and fix my hair. I click the red button to contact him back. "Will do Mr. Glindzer" I say and stand up.


Mr.Rivers is one of my perverted co-workers that I hate. He works in an actual office  doing paper work and bio's such. He thinks that I find his upper position attractive. 


Dreading to even step into the elevator, I knock on his door. "Come in" I hear his voice call.  I walk in standing tall and ignorant. He smirks looking at his screen. "Lizzy" He purrs. "It's Elizabeth" I correct. "I need you to make 2 copies of each page. So I expect 200 pages done on 20 minutes tops" He stood up and hands me a stack of 100 sheets. "Yes. Mr. Rivers, anything else?" I ask. He smiles and put a hand on my shoulder, I glare at him. "Take the blazer off hun. It's pretty hot in here" He rubbed my arms. I step away. "Your a disgusting excuse of a man" I snap and click my heels away.


"That dick head!" My best friend Emily scoffs. She works here in the paper roll department on the 3rd floor. I wish I could see her more though. She has a crazy schedule. Her job is more important than mine. "I know" I groan. "Well here's your 200 sheets in 13 minutes" She winks. "Thanks Em" I smile. "Good luck Liz" She laughs. I sigh and smile at her.


I grab my purse from the locker and see that I didn't eat lunch. On cue, my stomach erupts into inhumanely noises. My walkie-tialkie buzzed. "All staff members to floor 6, west wing" I stomp my foot and march to the elevator. Just as I'm about to be relaxed at home I have to stay in!


My heels come to silence as it touched the carpet floor of the west wing. This is where all the magic starts. Editing. I know, it's supposed to be when you present the book like the interview but more people get their dreams crushed on that floor which is the 5th floor, which I have encountered and been through several times. So I like to call the 6th floor the safe zone cause that means your book is going to be seen. This is where I'll be someday. Accept like most of the people who work here, all editors as Emily would say, are dick heads. They think they are the roots to your success because they fix all of your silly mistakes.


I smile as I sit down with everyone else. People have small side conversations as the projector is being set up. Must be a presentation of our sales lately. "Ahem, now we have special news today" Mr. Glinzer begins. I notice that Tim, the only decent editor here isn't in his seat. Which is always next to me. He's the oldest worker we have and the kindest. "At the same time very sad news. Tim is no longer with us. He has unfortunately passed as of this morning, 10:56 AM." Everyone gasped. Emily and I sent sad, shocked looks at each other. "No worries we have budgeted a memorial stone. In this presentation, we will agree on what it will look like and where. Before that. We have been looking for other editors to join and today was the day we decided to select one. Now, he's very young but don't let that cheeky look decieve you. He is very talented so without further ado, welcome to the team, Mr. Harry Styles!" We all clapped. I looked at the door and in entered a tall, lean but slight muscular frame with curly but voluminous hair and a dashing smile with sparkling emerald eyes. I was jealous. How could a boy look better than me? In a sense I felt silly comparing my self but it's true. Emily kicked my shin under the table. I groan and look at her. "He is damn fine" She giggles. I roll my eyes annoyed and furious.


Sooooo I have decided to start a new fanfic. Of course I'll still update the other as well (Never Be Royals). So let me know what you think of this book. Finally I'm writing a Styles fanfic I know!


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