All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


9. This is wrong

"You don't have to be here 24/7 against your will" Mr. Styles smiled at me. "It's not that, well kind of. Okay it is" I laugh. "Guess I am boring" He mumbles. I frown. "No" 


"Yes I am." He looked at me. "Why would you say that? The day off we spent together was fun" I admit for the first time. "Why don't you want to talk about it then?" He asks. "I told you I like to be-"


"It had nothing to do with professionalism" He cut me short. It seemed as if he was disturbed by the idea he was boring. "Who told you that you were boring?" I ask. "No one needs to say it. Actions speak louder than words." He handed me another pile of paper to sort. "I hate that we have to put the pages in order like doesn't the printer do that?" I whine. 


"It does make thousands of copies of the same page so not really. We have to pick out the ready to publish ones" He said. "Smart ass" I joke. "So I've been told, leading to being dull" He complained. "Harry" His name slipped from my mouth. He looked up at me a bit surprised by the use of it. I just play it off as intentional. 


"You are a young lad thats full of life but confined. Like me" I say. "Why don't you ask Emily to sort papers?" He ignored my comment. I don't get why he was so cold today. He's usually just full of life but everyone has those days. "I don't want to see anything I shouldn't" I answer. "It shouldn't be that way. It's her work place thats so unprofessional. She should know better I mean no one is that stupid to put their job on the line" He snapped. 


"Stop being so rude, whats wrong with you today?" I say in shock. He's never been this way. He rolls his eyes and continues. I scoff and stand up and leave. What a prick.


"Hey girl" Emily tapped my shoulder. I gave her a weak smile. "What you doing out here? Shouldn't you be on an editing date with Mr. Styles?" She wiggled her eyebrows. "No thanks he's in a pissy mood" I say. "Go talk to him" She suggested. "You should do the same" I say. "What?" She looks at me confused. "Talk to Jeremy" I grin and walk to the elevator.


I knock on his door as per usual waiting to hear him say come in and tell me that I don't have to knock like always. He didn't say anything. I peak my head through the door and he's not here. I turn around to walk to the break room. 


There I find him looking gloomy still at his phone. I step in and walk to take a seat nest to him. I know he's ignoring me still so I just start. "You I find you fun and a friend" He glanced at me and sighed putting his phone down on the table. "Your point is?" He looks at me. "Point is I'm not leaving you alone until you tell me whats wrong" I poke his shoulder. 


"Want to get drinks tonight?" He asks out of nowhere. "Excuse me?" I say. "Just drinks. On me. I need to let loose and you need it too so your coming" He repeated in a more demanding way. "Fine whatever. I just need bubbly Harry" I smile. "Good" He stood up and walked out.


"What the hell is wrong with him?" I ask Em. As soon as I told her Harry invited well ordered me to have drinks with him she took it as a move that he was interested in me. Which I find absurd. "He's having a bad day and wants you to help him be free and have a good time with him. He trusts you." She explained. "I don't know what to wear" I whine. She sprung off my bed and sprints to my closet. 


She came back out with a dress I didn't know I even had. "Where do you find that?" I ask. "I bought it for you and hid it in the back where you oddly never look. It looks nice and sexy at the time" She giggled. "No I 'm not wearing that" I shake my head. "Come oonnn! It's blue with a v cut in the back and best part strapless! It's not even that tight and loose on the bottom. It's and perfect. Just you" She shoved it in my arms and me into the bathroom. "Your wearing it!" She shouted from outside. 


I groan and look at the dress. I couldn't lie. It looked beautiful. Guess I have to no matter what. I never make decisions anyway. "Fine" I comply. "Great you had to wear it even without approval." She laughs. I roll my eyes and hop in the shower.


"Wow you look beautiful" Harry smiled and raked my body. I felt weird and I knew Em was there hiding behind the door listening. "Thanks you seem better in mood" I nod. "Yes sorry about today just not much of a good news day" He scratched his neck. "It's okay I get it." I smile ad we awkwardly stand at the door way.


"Ugh you people" Emily came to view and ushered us out and slammed the door behind us. "I'm sorry about her" I blush in embarrassment. "No worries" He laughs.


Everything started off well. Harry and I talked and had some drinks. I stopped after 2 but he didn't. Soon I realized I became designated driver for him. He was of the rails drunk. Completely shitfaced. "Harry I think we should get you home" I pulled on his arm away from the girl he was disturbingly grinding on.


"I'm letting loose!" He giggled. Sure it was cute but I was afraid for him doing something he might regret tomorrow morning. "Nooo" He whined. I sigh. "Harry say goodbye" I direct to the girl. He turns to her and gave her a sloppy kiss. I cringe at the sight and tug him away. He stumbled a bit until reaching the exit. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared off. At first sad looking then anger.  I followed his gaze to a pretty girl. "Sasha?" He called. The girl turned around and looked surprised. 


He dragged me to the bar to Sasha. "Hey Harry" She looked nervous. "How could you?" He slurred. I stood awkwardly next to him with my arms crossed. She glanced at me. "Whos this?" She smiled and ignored his question. Had they dated? "She's just a co-worker" He waved me off. I felt hurt by that label. I gave him friend and he gave me co-worker? She looked sad at me. "I wasn't even the one who signed those papers" He continued. She looked back at him. 


"Zayn tricked me into it so you got lucky. I thought it was for a new car he promised me. Lying prick" He muttered. "Harry I apologized and I'm sorry it came to this. I think you should go home" She smiled weakly. "I gave you all of me and now I'm left with nothing" His eyes watered. I felt bad for him and this was not the Harry I had come to know.


"You said you were happy. I accepted it and now you have to accept that I'm happy too. I have to go" She got her things and left somewhere out the back. I stood there not knowing what had just happened nor what to do next. "You want to go and relax?" I ask. He turned to me and threw his weight on my shoulders. I groan dragging him out the club and into the car. I fished for his keys in his pocket and drove his car carefully back home.


"Your lucky we have the weekend off" I puff and threw him on the couch. "Can you believe I gave my heart to that bitch?" He started talking for the first time. "Nope" I say not knowing what he was talking about other than it was Sasha. "I vowed to spend the rest of my life with her and she lied and said yes" He sniffled. He was married? "How long have you guys been together?" I sit next to his feet and take his shoes off. "15. We were high school sweet hearts" He smiled.


"Oh" I answered. "Yea love sucks." He sighed heavily. "It only gets better" I pat his knee. He sat up and looks at me. "Come here" He pats the spot next to him. I move over a bit and he wraps his arms around and pulls me closer. He layed his head in my lap and his emerald eyes pierced mine. 


"Play with my hair?" He pouts his lips. I giggle and run my fingers threw his surprisingly soft hair. "Your cute" His voice came hoarse. I blushed. "Nobody tells you that enough huh?" He smiled tiredly. "No" I admit twirling one lock of hair in my finger. "Then I'll say it everyday" He smiles sweetly. He was adorable right now. I grin and sigh. "You tired?" He asks. "Yea" I say honestly. "Okay" He got up and scooped me in his arms. I squeal and hold on to his neck. 


He carried me to his room and layed me down on his bed. "Harry I can go home" I blush at his forwardness. "No your staying here" He got in next to me and hugged my waist snuggling my neck. I stayed stiff for awhile. Maybe I'll just wait until he falls asleep and move to the couch.


I thought he was asleep finally when he suddenly scared me by showering kisses on my cheek and going lower. "Harry what are you doing?" I turn my head. He grabbed my face and kissed me. I froze. This wrong. we shouldn't be doing this. Why don't I just pull away. No, I do the opposite. Being stupid I respond.



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