All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


8. Special Surprise

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NOOOO IDEA HOW MUCH I HAVE WANTED TO UPDATED. I owe an explaination so here it is: I went to Boston for my break and my grandparents didn't have wifi which sux i know but then I tried to update through my phone that never works but can only publish a certain amount but my data plan was used up so I couldnt use ANY internet at ALL or I'd have to pay extra until I came back home so I'm fianlly settled back and I hate that I went soooo long without writing. Thank you guys sooo much though.



"I told you to have a stack of 400! Not 2 not 3 but 400. Fix this immediately before Preston comes in!" This was the only time I enjoyed being around Mr. Rivers. He actually had bad luck sometimes as mean as that is. I like that he got to feel what I felt while doing crap for him and some others. Again I know it's mean but hey I'm being honest at least.


"What are you looking at?" He snapped. I reverted my attention back to him. I shake my head and smirk. "These are for you. The covers of Mr. Jones 7th book I recall. Anyway I hope you got your tantrum out of the way so you can be a man and go on with work. Piles of work" I place the pages of different styled covers on his desk. It felt good to have the upper hand for once. 


"Darling I'd do anything for you. Taking charge eh? I love a woman who can take the lead" He purred. And he's back. "Disgusting you can't love anyone but your self. Sorry you won't experience having someone return it back" I chuckle sourly. 


By the shocked face he didn't expect my strong come back. "Thanks but you can leave now" He straightened his tie. I strut in my heels back to the elevator. For once I have won.


"With impulsive words I feel the rush as they come out to the air and heard by many. This is me and no one can define it but myself. The rest learn to understand" I read the last sentence of a book Harry and  I were editing. We were on better terms at work. He did notice this morning that I didn't want to talk about yesterday and I actually meant it when I said I like to keep it professional. 


"This is beautiful, you actually made it have a meaning and a message" I praise, clearly impressed. He is a talented guy and he changed the office to actually be Mr. Styles. He organized everything to the way he could work well and was comfortable now. 


"It's good. I like it." He nods. "Great cause it's all done and you Styles have your first edited book done." I smile. "Feels good" He smiles back. I look at the time on my phone. "Hey it's lunch. You wanna come with me and Em?" I ask. "Sure" He nods.


The elevator dinged as we reached the 2nd floor. I walked through the desks and copy machines to the supply closet where she would most likely be. "Why here?" Mr. Styles laughs. "She's constantly refilling the machines for all these lazy asses" I explain. 


I turn the nob but it stopped short. I frown and tug again. Still nothing. "Ah" I panic. "Em you okay?" I ask and pull out my keys. I unlock it and push the door open. "Oh my God!" I shriek and step back out slamming the door behind me. "What? What happened!" Mr. Styles showed worry. I shake my head. "Nothing lets just go" I pull his hand and tug him back to the elevator.


"What happened?" He asked. "Nothing" I shake my head again. "Okay I'm not stupid. Why are you shaky when shes the one getting it on. You should be happy for her" He frowns. My eyes bulge. "Sure I'm happy she's cheating on her boyfriend" I snap. "Oh" He hissed regretting his words. 


"By the way getting it on in the supply closet? Thats sad. You know what that means?" I ask him. He shook his head clearly confused. Guys. "It means hes embarrassed to show her off. He's just using her" I explain. "I didn't know that" He said. I roll my eyes. "Whatever I'll just talk to her later" I sigh.


Emily has been avoiding me all day. Not for long though. Mr. Styles and I have one more copy to make before we all go home. "Emily can you bring the copies up by Andy Wilson?" I ask through the walkie-talkie. "Sort of busy" She lied. "We're the only ones here and the last stack that was printed" I state. She didn't answer back.


Instead she just appeared at the door. "Here, see you two tomorrow" She rushed and dropped the stack on the desk sprinting to the door. I beat her to it and slammed it shut. "Why!" I shout. Mr. Styles looked very uncomfortable. 


"I don't know." She cried and slid down to the floor. "Yes you do Em. Jeremy is perfect. Why let this happen?" I ask. "Jeremy is not perfect anymore." She snarled looking at the floor. "What did he do?" I sat next to her. Mr. Styles just sat at his desk looking at us. I know this is very weird for him but whatever he enjoys watching people anyway.


"He's been extremely distant and he's just shy around me. He's not as affectionate either" She let her hand slap down on he thighs. Mr. Styles started laughing. "Are you kidding me? The dude loves you! That just means he's taken a step back and realized what he has. It's like a new chapter. Like falling in love again. Trust me love it's nothing to be worried about" He smiled.


"Seriously? They have been together for 6 years. Since 14" I state. "Wow thats a really long time. Still my statement lies" He says. "He might be right Liz." Emily nodded her head at me. "Whatever can we go home now?" I whine. "Thanks Harry" She got up and gave him a hug. "Welcome, it was nothing really" He smiled. I shake my head. This guy surprises me every time.



It was awkward sitting here. Watching her be all over him. Like nothing had been happening. My best friend was a cheater. She had been with that closet guy more than 3 times. I kept catching her everywhere. She tried many different places hoping to never been seen but I happened to have appointments or paper to hand in where ever she went. 


Mr.Styles was here too. He knows I have caught her cheating again but has remained neutral. We both sat next to each other watching her be all lovey girly. "I'll go get the dinner be right back" She pecked Jeremy and pounced to the kitchen. I got up to follow her but Jeremy spoke. "Wait! I have to tell you guys something" He cried in a whisper. I dreaded this moment. What if he found out? Is he going to ask me? I am horrible at lying.


I slowly sat down and looked at Mr.Styles nervously only to be returned with the same expression. Jeremy dug in the back of his pants and sighed. "Look" He pulled it out form behind his back. I gasp and cry silently. "What is it wrong timing?" He asked worried. I shake my head and cover my face with my hands. "She'll love it" I nod. The biggest diamond ring. "I don't know when I should do it though" He said sheepishly.


"Well for starters nice job and congrats but you should start by dropping hints. Little futuristic questions and opinions. Like looking a magazine that happens to have a mansion house in it and say things like we could easily own a house like that one day" He explained. 


It was so specific and detailed. He spoke so casual about it. What a natural. "Guys it's ready!" She called from the dinning room. My mood instantly dropped. "Oh I got to hide this. Thanks man that could actually work" Jeremy patted his back and we filed to dinner.


Here he was. Lost Jeremy about to proposed to my cheating best friend. I couldn't tell him that part but I had to stop Emily without spilling Jeremys special surprise,


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