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My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


19. Real shot at Love

I was anxious to ask Zayn if he could come. I mean it's only beern 3 months and already asking him to meet my horrible family. What if he couldn't take it? What if my mother was right? I'd be a loner after the get together.


"Babe please tell me whats wrong." Zayn frowns. I sigh. "Sorry I'm just...thinking" I shrug. "About?" I turn to him. "I know this is really really soon but...would you mind coming with me to a family get together to make sure I don't die" I chuckle. He smiles. "I'd love to. Prince is shinning amor. Hows that sound?" I laugh. "It sounds perfect" I kiss him quick. "Great so next week on Thursday we'll go through and back" I giggle. "Is she really that bad?" He asks. "Harry asked the same. Yes she is. This is why I'm a boring potato" I shrug. "No your not" He pecked me once. "Don't worry we won't be alone. Em and Jeremy always come but this year you and Harry get the experience" He frowns. "Harrys coming?" I nod. "Yea I figured you guys could have each other when I'm pulled aside for questioning by my family" 


"Oh" He says. "Are you and Harry okay?" I ask. "Yea" He nods. "Zayn. You can tell me anything, you know that right?" He runs a hand through my hair. "Everything is fine. I know we can tell each other everything" I lean on him and smile. "I-um nothing" I suck in my lips and my mind runs wild of what was about to slip. "What?" He asks. "Nothing" I shake my head. "Liz" He warns. "It's nothing Zayn" I chuckle.


"Your phone" Zayn mumbles. "Answer for me please" I yawn and snuggle into his chest. "Your so cute" He grins and answers. "Yea?" I look up at him as he frowns. "Whats up?" 



"Is Liz there? I'm stupid of course she is. Can I talk to her?" I look down at her. "Uh shes sleeping" I lie. "Right. Just tell her I called" He sighs. "Will do. Night mate" I say. "Night."


"Who was it?" She asks. "Harry" I mutter. "Oh what he want?" 


"Had to tell you something" I say. "Zayn. Why'd you tell him I was sleeping" She laughs and grabs her phone. I sigh as she redials his number.




"Liz?" I hear his confusion. "Yes?" I ask back with a grin. "Um what do you want me to wear?" I laugh. "Just put on a navy suit. You look good in those" 


"Okay and what color tie?" He asks more. "Harry you sound like a girl. I'll come over tomorrow and we'll go shopping" Zayn nudges my shoulder. "What about me?" He pouts. "You will come with" I smile. He nods content. "Fine after work. We'll drive in my car again to waste less gas." He plans. "No we''ll take mine cause Zayn is coming with. Plus I'm sleeping over his remember?"


"Oh okay then. I'll leave the door open for you and we'll eat breakfast at mine, deal?" I nod. "Sounds good. I'll see you tomorrow" I smile. "Alright night love"


"So you'll have to wake up even earlier just to eat breakfast" Zayn gives me a look. "No. I just won't watch boring news waiting for him to pick me up" I chuckle. "He picks you up?" I nod. "I thought you knew?" I frown. "No, I don't talk to Harry" 


"Okay really Zayn whats going on between you two?" I sit up. "Liz" He sighs and brings me back to him. "Nothing" I scoff. "Why are lying? You know what forget it lets just go to bed" I shake my head to tired for an explanation. 


"Where are you going?" He watches me get off the sofa. "To bed I'm tired and I have to wake up early like always" I stand in front of him to follow me to bed. "Are you mad. Babe I'm sorry" I grabs my hands. "Lets just go to bed" I bite my lip. "Liz" He whines as I start walking to his room. "Come on" I tell him. "Your mad" He concludes. "I'm not I'm just tired" I shrug and open his door. "Whats wrong?" He follows me in. "You seriously just asked that" I scan through his closet for a t-shirt. "See I knew you were mad" 


"I'm not" I rip one off a hanger. "What did I do? Your getting mad over something dumb, it's not even your busniess" He scoffs. I turn to him with a look. "Sorry for caring about two of my best friends that potentially hate each other" I strip down and change, throwing myself in bed. "I'm not your best friend liz, I'm your boyfriend". I close my eyes ignoring what he just said. "Wait no I didn't mean that. I'm sorry" He apologizes and slides in next to me. 


"Liz" He mumbles. I ignore him. I just wanted to make sure they were okay. I mean obviously I'm involved if he's constantly asking what I do with Harry and always makes up an excuse when he calls-. I turn to Zayn with a stern look. 


"Do you not trust me with your own mate?" He stares at me for a moment. "You don't" I sit up and grab a pillow. "I do. Where are going. This is unnecessary" He groans. "I can never do anything right. Zayn I met Harry first. I was friends with Harry first okay? He introduced me to you. I like you. Does that not speak volume to you at all?" I raise my voice getting annoyed at how I always manage to ruin a relationship. "Elizabeth listen to me. Nothing is wrong, your stressed off of work I get it. Just please come back to bed. I trust you and I know your close with Harry. I'm sorry I just get protective sometimes" He rubs his scruff.


I look at his face and tired eyes. "Are tired from work?" I observe. "We both are"He pulls me back to him with a light kiss. "I'm sorry" I groan. "I am super dramatic I just made us argue over the stupidest shit ever." I hide my face in embarrassment. "It's okay your just stressed" He showers me with light kisses. "How do you deal with me?" I smile. "I don't know your different" He shrugs. "How?" I question. "You are like this awkward person yet so forward. I don't know, haven't figured you out just yet" I smile at his response. "I love you" It slipped. My eyes bulge and so did his. "Oh my god. Z-Zayn I'm so sorry. I'm stupid you don't even have to say anything kick me out, break up with me something" I panic. 


"Liz?" He grabs my face with a frown. I don't dare to look him in the eye. "Did he hurt you?" He asked. "Harry? No of curse not" I shake my head. "No not Harry. The last guy. Did he not love you back?" I stare at him in shock. How would he know? "I love you too" He smiles and kissed me softly. He pulled back and caressed my cheeks. "What are you doing to me?" I chuckle with a crimson blush. "Loving you" He smirks. "Stop" I whine and hide my face. "I'll let you know everyday" He smiles. I sigh in content. "Goodnight. Get some sleep." He kissed me once more. "Goodnight" I smile. "Love you" He winks. "Love you too" I mumble still blushing as he turned out the lights and held me all night.


This is good for me. I'm finally getting a shot at real love, with him loving me back.


er mer gerd...Love! So any questions of whats to happen or what you might want to happen at the get together? You guy scan control where this story goes sometimes so take ADVANTAGE OF IT! <3

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