All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


3. Re word this

The next morning I came in feeling pretty good. I sat at my desk and instantly people came up. "Elizabeth Please report floor 5." I smile as I finish setting the appointment up. "It's tomorrow at 4. Don't be late"I inform. "Great thank you" The lady smiled and I rushed off to get to the 5th floor.


I walked into the meeting room and saw Mr. Glinzer. "Good morning" I smile. "Morning. I just wanted to make sure that you were alright" He said. "Yes, why?" I ask. "Because, I gave Harry the editing position" He said sheepishly. Remembering, my mood instantly fell. "Right. I don't understand really. I have been working here for a great amount of time to know everything there is to know. You said it yourself. I  know all the ups and downs of this company." I say getting flustered. "I know but I wanted better for you. I know your dream is to be an editor. I just saw you more as a leader" He said. "Thank you sir but that is my decision." I reply. "Elizabeth. I wanted to offer you executive CEO of the company." I nearly chocked on my own air. I gave him the most confused shocked look of my life.


"W-what?" I stutter. "I want to expand this business. It gets crowded at times and you would know. More money and supplies would be available. I was thinking to expand by adding another building for schooling authors and advertising. You though, I wanted you to take care of the publishing it self." He explained.


I was lost for words. What would I say? I never thought of actually running the publishing process, let alone all of it. "I honestly don't know what t-to say" I admit. "Lizzy. I want you to be in charge of The Authors Co. I want you to run this for me while I run the school and spreading our company. I know it's a lot to take in. I want you to think about it. You'll have thousands and I won't leave immediately. I'll show you how to deal with finances and workers and the insides you don't know yet. It's overwhelming by hearing it but I'll be here. Until you feel ready you can handle it. Just please. I know you want whats best for you and the company" He finished. 


I wanted to just yell yes a billion times and jump off this building into piles of green paper but my brain couldn't comprehend how for once. It just didn't want to function how to form a simple one worded sentence. Yes. Yes! YES YES! Just say it! I yell to my self. "I-I-I-I-I-." I couldn't say it. He looked at me waiting. "Y-Y-YES! Of course. You have no idea what an honor this is. Thank you soo much Mr. Glindzer! You have changed my life once again! You are just. I have no words you are like a father to me I'm sorry this sounds incredibly weird but I just have to say it thank you!" I gush and squeeze him into a bone crushing embrace. This is officially the best day of my life! 


"Hehe perfect. I knew you would love it." He laughs. I let go and keep my beaming smile that was hurting my cheeks. "I think we should let go of Mr. Styles" I say first thing. "Woah woah. Slow down there. I have to get your paper work and everything. That will take 3 days so by next week. Plus you can't fire someone just because. You need reason and theres a guide line of rules to why and how to fire someone. Whats wrong with Mr. Styles?" He chuckles. "Really? I thought you could just fire some one. Mr. Styles just doesn't seem to fit in with us" I say. "We are not in primary school Lizzy. Give him a chance. Your the one training him anyway" He says. 


"What?" I look at him. "Yes. Thats what your going to do for the rest of the week. We already have another receptionist down there now. Go on" He shooed me out. "You don't wast time Mr. Glindzer" I mumble. "Have I ever?" He pointed at me. "No" I sigh. "Great. Have fun and be nice" He warns. "Alright" I laugh and happily walk to Tims Office. I jump around for 5 seconds before calming down and knocked on the door. He couldn't ruin my mood.


"Lizzy" He smiled. "Elizabeth" I correct. "Right, sorry" He apologized and let me in.


I looked around and saw how he decorated it. It was nice to be honest. I saw a picture on his desk with him hugging a girl with blond hair. I feel bad for her. "Girlfriend?" I point as I sit on the seat in front of his desk. "No my sister" He smiles and sat on his chair. Even worse for her. I thought. "Oh thats nice. Are you guys close?" I don't know what I was asking so much. I just felt curious. "Very." He said glum. Oh, he misses her. "Does she live in Cheshire?" I say. He chuckles. "Yea and you say it in a different accent" I frown. "Really?" He nods. "Where are your from?" He asks. "Wolverhampton" I answer. Why? I don't know. "Oh, thats a bit away" He nods. "Yeah." I agree. 


"So, I am here to train you for the rest of the week. What have you been doing lately?" I change the subject. "Looking at the unedited pages Tim left for me" He points to the tray of folder with lables of chapters. "Not really for you but I guess" I huff. "Right. Ehm I just don't know how to reword the one paragraph. I was wondering if you could give me your input?" He asks. I nod. He stood up and grabbed the yellow folder. Ah, the meaningless folder as Tim called it. "Oh meaningless" I say. "Hmm?" He sat back down. "Yellow folders are meaningless as Tim calls it. It's just sentences that writers wrote that had no thought into it. Just a filler" I explain. "That makes sense" He nods and hands it to me. I open it up and read the page.


'Such look on his face. Pale and dry. I wonder what made him this way. Suhc a ywa with words. I could tell he knew I was staring at him. He was cold and rude. Yet, I falling in love with it'


I frown disapprovingly. This is horrible. I mean the errors. Such silly spelling mistakes. "I know" Mr. Styles said seeing my face. "Who wrote this?" I turn it over and smirk. Dameon Jones. "Ha! It's Mr. Jones. That guy is so full of himself" I laugh. "I'm guessing you know him?" Harry lifts a brow. "I had to deal with this guy for 3 years. Yes, sadly I know him" I chuckle. "Well then what do you think? How should I re-word it?" He asks.


I picked up a red pen and scratch piece of paper and began to let the words fall loosely from my mind to the paper.


'Such a troubled look on his dearing face. Pale and dry, so out of life. It constantly pooled questions to what made him this way. He had such ways to magically lur you in with his unemotional but meaningful words. I could tell he definitely caught me staring but used to it since I only do this every 4th period. Distraught and distant. Yet, I'm falling for this beats hiding it's beauty'


I smile and hand it back to Mr. Styles, proud of my work. He looked at me curious then began reading. I saw his face curl up into an approving smirk. "Wow" He looked up at me. "This is just incredible. It just comes to you eh?" He smiles. "Yeeup. Now that you have a feel for how our minds work. I want you to try another." I say and stand up to pick a blue folder. It was the no emotion, lack of details. "Here" I hand it to him. "Ooo, Romantic Horror" He grins. "Your type of genre?" I ask. "I live for the it. I'm a hopeless romantic" He admits. "Oh" I say. Wow we have something in common. 

"I know it's sad. Who wants a gushy boy?" He shakes his head regretting to admit such a thing. "No no no. I would a boy like that I mean not you sorry. I just meant I'm a hopeless romantic too. It's hard to find people like you without being laughed at" I comfort. Why was I just opening up to him? It was like he got me to say everything on my mind. I didn't like it. "Thanks" He smiles genuinely. "Well I'll be back I just need to go to the 3rd floor. Buzz me if anything" I stand up not wanting to be around him anymore. I was afraid of saying anything too personal. 


"Buzz?" He questioned. "Yea, Walkie-Talkie. All of us have one" I clarify. "I was never given one" He stated. "I'll get you one on my way back. Have fun with that chapter" I point with a smile. "Thank you, I will" He nods as I wave walking out.

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