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My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


16. Not much Pride

Guys I am sooo sorry! My computer doesn't charge so I finally I fixed my moms computer so I am using hers! I have had soo many writing withdrawl symptoms like each time I would come up with an idea to write but I couldn't! UGHH it was torcher so here ya goes. I'll be updating all of my stories today from here on out as much as I possibly can. My summers ending crap! 

Anyways enjoy as always ;)



I awoke to her facing me. Deep slumber took place. I can only imagine the hangover that she'll have. I know she doesn't drink much so she'll need some pills and lots of sleep. Potentially I can convince her to take another day off. I can be persuasive with the right motivation, you know?


I move a strand of hair behind her hair before getting up. "Hey mate-fuck" Harry barged in and stopped looking wide eyed at the half naked Elizabeth on my bed. He looked at me with a questioning look. "Haz" He walked out shaking his head. I took once glance at her and followed him into my kitchen.


"Why didn't you tell me she was here?" He snapped. "Why is that your business?" I frown at him. "I'm your mate and she's a person I currently don't get along with" He said as if it were obvious I was in the wrong, which I wasn't. "That has nothing to do with me. I'm seeing her and she hasn't talked about you. Your acting childish" I say, which was true. She hadn't brong him up, I did. "Your choosing her over me?" He was acting like a drama queen right now. "I don't want to start anything between us so we are going to drop this" I say. He scoffs but doesn't say anything else.


What the hell am I supposed to do now? They are both here and I'm stuck in the middle. They are going to have to resort things at some point. Why not now? I'm going to be the mediator. Shit.



I groan at the pounding of my head. "Why" I croak. My voice barely coming out. I open my eyes that sting at the sun and walk over to Zayns bathroom. I clean up and pulled his robe off the door. I know he won't mind. I feel comfortable with Zayn which feels nice. Really nice. His robe was fuzzy and warm. I was a bit cold but that must be cause I only have underwear on.


I walk out yawning and follow the voice. Who was he talking to? I step into the kitchen and I'm met by 2 pairs of eyes. I stand there dumbfounded. Me not being fully awake was a bit too much right now. I ignored the green pair of eyes and walked up to Zayn leaning on him. He looked down at me surprised I haven't said anything thing yet. "Morning" I mumble and glance at Harry quickly to direct my greeting to him as well. I'm not going to loose my manners. I mean it is my fault we're all in this mess so I can't act like I'm the victim. 


"Morning" They both greet. "You want any pills?" Zayn asks. "Yes, a whole bottle" I exaggerate. He goes to do just that while I awkwardly stand there with Harry. I look at him and he glances at me from the corner of his eye but remains looking past me. "I'm sorry" I keep my stare on him, hoping he'll look at me. "I know" he mumbles. "Sooo" I look for clarification as to if we're fine or not. He licks his lips and finally looks at me. His gaze softens. I gave him a small smile. "I miss my curly fwend" I pout. He chuckles and cracks a smile. I grin at him and walk to give him a hug. I caught by surprise but he wrapped his arms around me. It felt right. I missed him, alot. I gave him a squeeze before letting go. 


"Thank God I thought I would have to set up an awkward therapy" Zayn sighs from behind us. I giggle and shake my head. "Here" He passed me a class of water with the pills. I thank him and chug it down.


"So.....I think since you aren't well enough, you should stay here just for one more day" Zayn suggests hopefully. "Hell no! It was chaos yesterday with you not being the neat freak you are there" Harry interrupts. I look between the two undecided.


"We'll finish what we started last night" Zayn whispers in my ear. My eyes widen and a shiver goes down my spine. "I still have a fever" I blush. Harry groans. "You suck" He mutters. I laugh and Zayn kissed my cheek in victory.




"Zayn" I giggle. His hands rest on my stomach drawing random things as he whispered quite dirty things in my ear. I tried to ignore his tickles and heat rushing through my body and watch tv. "Come on. You know you want to." He chuckles and kissed my neck. I hum and finally decide to give up. I turn the tv off and turned to give him a kiss. He held my waist with a smile.



I was bored stuck at work with nothing to do again. I have to admit, I miss messing around with Liz. They way she would scowl at me when I stole her chips and look away. It would annoy her all the time. I always laugh when she gets serious in bossing people around when they don't get work done. She puts this face on and mocks their excuses with funny faces and weird mimicking voices. She was a character. 


"Thinking about her again Styles" Em smirks. I shake my head denying it as always. "Just thinking about what to edit at the moment" I lie. "Theres only one page to edit. Their aren't many choices" She quirks a brow. I sigh. "It's just boring lately" I say. "Have you talked to her?" She asks worried. I know deep down Emily really did care about her. They are best friends. "I actually did...this morning" I mumble. "Really? And you didn't think to tell me!?" She slaps my arm. "Ow! I didn't know if you wanted to since you guys still aren't on speaking terms" I say in defense. "Bullshit! You know Harry. I have my pride but it's not that much" She admits. "So what happened? Did you guys make up? Did you go to her house, did she go to yours?" She fired questions. "Hold on!" I put a hand up for her to stop. She sucks in her mouth and nods ready to listen.


"I went to Zayns and slept over. He said she went home when I saw her phone light up by your call. The next morning I go in Zayns room to ask if he would make something to eat cause I was too lazy. I saw her in just knickers and walked out. so she wasn't sick. She was just hanging with Zayn. Anyway, we were alone in his kitchen and she apologized and I forgave her...end of story" I blush at the reminder of her in just knickers. It was weird.


Em's eyes were wide. "She stayed over Zayns!" She beams. So thats all she heard? "Yes" I bit my lip. It was weird actually seeing them...together. I felt somewhat protective over her even though I know Zayn treats his girls right and spoils them even. "Finally! I'm so proud!" She bounced on her toes. "Emily we need you on floor 3 again. Another printer is down" She groaned at the mention of her name through the radio. "Be there in 3" She replied. "We aren't done with this conversation. Call her and tell her I'm coming over to talk serious business but don't tell her why" She smiles. I nod happy that they are getting on good terms again. It wouldn't be such a bore around here with the two of them and less chaotic too.


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I have a question for you lovely readers. Would you rather wait for awhile for long chapter of medium sized chapters like 3 or 4 times a week? Just asking to satisfy your reading needs. Please answer to let me know. It is important to keep you guys happy! An also as soon as I finish hooked to fallen, I have three other book ideas that I'll share with you guys and you'll choose which you want to read about. I'll let you know more about when the time comes so I'll keep you posted through my updates. Cheers!

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