All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


12. It's a date-part1

"I'm so sorry I can't dance" I apologize once again for stepping on Harrys foot. "It's okay usually I'm the screw up" He chuckles."So your glad your not the one being a fool?" I tease. "Yup" He smiled all dimply. I couldn't help but poke at it. 


"So you were serious about poking at them?" He raised a brow with a small smirk. I stared at him briefly. "Yeah" I shrug. 


"Alright I need Harry and Liz to be behind Our parents cause you guys are important." Emily smiled. She was enjoying her Hazzabeth as she called it. She has done everything in her will power to have her moments of us together. Harry didn't seem to notice. I have been wanting to call Zayn back but Em always has me do something when ever I try to contact him. I don't want him to think I forgot about him either.


"This way" Harry carried me to our spot. I giggled. We have become closer friends though which I don't mind. He's a fun loving guy. "Cute" Emily smiled. I roll my eyes. "Okay Jeremy direct them" Emily ordered. Quickly he came to tell us our cues with the music. 


"Alright guys come on" He pointed to us. It was a bit weird since Harry and I were just in sweats and a tank top. Must I say he did look good in. I also learned he had tattoos. He looked bad ass in them. "Perfect" Jeremy smiled as we went our separate ways at the alter. "Finally" I groan. "I know my feet were starting to hurt from dancing with you" Harry teased. "Shut up!" I slapped his arm. "Harry and Liz you guys need to practice more on your off time" Em smirked. "No problem. My place  tomorrow after work?" He looked at me. "Sure" I sighed.



"Hey" I smiled into the phone. "Thought you forgot about me" Zayn laughed. "I could never" I chuckled. "Hows Emily?" He kindly asked. "Fine and pestering me at these rehearsals. Thats why I couldn't get a hold of you" I explained. "Thats fine. It is a busy and important thing." He excused. "Yea I really cant dance" I Laugh. "Me either! Well I can do some ball which is way harder but yea thats the only thing I know" He chuckles. "Thats what I need to learn! I mean I can do all sorts of dancing accept ball. Weird that we know the opposites" I say.


"How about sometime this week we give each other lessons?" He asked. "Sounds perfect to me" I smile. "It's a date. I'll call you tomorrow yea?" He says. "I'll be waiting" I grin. "Good. Goodnight Lizzy" He said. "Night Zayn" I finish before we hung up.



The morning sun peaked through my blue curtains. I smile feeling great and energized. I got up and made my bed before taking a shower. I dried myself and dressed in my usual. Today I switched up the colors though. I picked out my green skirt with a white buttoned long sleeve shirt. I tied a nude belt around along with my nude pumps. I smile pinning my two braids around my neat bun.


"Looking good Elizabeth" I nod at myself before eating my oatmeal. When I finished I realized that I had a lot of time to spare. I grin thinking of who I could pass the time with. As if reading my mind he calls. 


"Are you reading my mind?" I giggle. "You seem to have slept well" He chuckles. "I see you've woken up?" I tilt my head and crossing my legs. "How did you know?" He laughs and I hear him shuffle around. "That morning voice of yours" I say. "Yea that sells me" I laugh at his comment. "Well I wanted to say good morning and have a nice day at work." He replied. "Your really sweet. Now I will have a nice day" 


"Alright. I'll be getting ready at work. Bye Lizzy" He spoke. "Bye Zayn" I hung up.


"I don't like this" Em glared at me. "Like what?" I ask. "You and Zayn. It's Hazzabeth all the way" She hissed. "Your being childish" I roll my eyes. "Whatever. We're having a conference right now so hurry up" She scowled. I laugh. She is a character.


"Morning fellow publicist" Mr. Glindzer greeted. We all followed back with our hellos and such. "Sorry I'm late" Harry breathed walking to his seat next to me. "First offense, don't let it happen again" He dismissed and continued with our agenda for the month. 


"What happened?" I whispered to him. He leaned toward me while eyeing Mr. Glindzer still. "Had company" He whispered back. "You smell nice" I chuckle. He gave me a weird look. "I love your randomness" He grinned.


"So we need to get going. "Emily rushed us out. "We're always the last and I don't want to close up." She whined. "Fine" I sigh and folded my stacks and locked my office. "Having rehearsals. Don't want to be late" She smirks. "Oh and I set your car for an oil change and for some new tires and paint. Might take until tomorrow" She added and scurried to the elevator. "What?" I asked.


"Emily!" I groan and follow her. "Ask Harry for a ride" She pressed the button and the doors closed st my face. I smacked the metal doors and stabbed the button a hundred times. "In a hurry much?" Harry locked his office and met me at the elevator. "To kill Emily" I sighed annoyed. "What she do?" He laughed. 


"Sent my car to the shop." I smack my arms down at my sides. "I'll drive you. I mean your coming over anyway" He shrugs. "I hate this. You always give me rides. I feel bad" I pout. "Your my friend. I don't mind. Plus your company amuses me" He winked. I don't know why but I blushed.


The elevator dinged and we stepped in. "They need better music" He comments. I laugh. "Right like club music" I say. "Exactly" He nods. "Hey do you wanna go to club Saturday?" He turns to lean and face me on the wall. "Sure" I shrug. I haven't had some free fun going out in decades. "It's a date" He nudged me. "Right" I say sarcastically.



"He likes you!" She shrieks. I pull the phone away from my ear. "Emily I just called to ask if you wanted to come" I groan. "No I don't want to intrude" She says all giddy. "It's not a date he was just playing around. Anyway I gotta go practice now. Bye" I sigh. "Have fun" She sang before hanging up. 


This girl. Now time for me to give Harry blisters again.

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