All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


13. I'm just going to say yes

"One two three four. step right. Spin seven eight. Got it?" He repeated for the millionth time. "I'm just going to say yes." I roll my eyes. "What don't you get?" He sighed and sat down grabbing his water bottle. "The counting? I don't know. Like what does each number stand for? My foot going left to the side?" I say unsure of my own answer. He raised a brow.


"Come on" He stood up and held a hand for me. I grabbed his soft hand as he hulled me to his chest. "Look at me and not my feet" He said. I stared up into his emerald eyes. "Now when I step left, you step left. I'll always start left. Then we go right. Try that with me for a bit" He explained.


I followed his lead remembering to start left. Then right. I felt like a penguin. "I feel ridiculous" I mumble. "I'll fix that" He smiled and stopped.


"I'll start left again then go right. After I'll step a bit backwards. You step forward though. Then I'll repeat he process but start with the right foot. Repeat what I just said in your own words." He spoke.


"I feel like I'm in english class" I chuckle. "Mr. Styles" He winks. I grin. "Okay so I'l start left then go right, step forward then right to left. The next time do I start with right or left again?" I look up at him. "Left. You take turns. Start with left then right then left again. Simple" He said. "Now I get it!" I cheer.


"Lets try with the music" He walks over to the radio with the song we will dance too. Hearing it start I feel shivers run down my back. I hope I don't screw up.


He grabbed my hand and placed it on his shoulder. The other went in his right. He gripped my waist and looked at me. "Eye contact" He reminded. I nod and look down. His finger caught my chin up. "Sorry" I blush embarrassed. "Don't apologize" He chuckles. He stepped left and slowly I got the beat of the music.


"I'm a master!" I sang. Harry grinned and stopped the music. "Emily will love our progress" He points out. "True Mr. Styles" I say. "So now that we're all sweaty do you want to shower?" He asks. "It's fine I should get going anyway. Thanks Harry" I smile. "You sure? I am kind of lonely" He suggests. "What happened to your company from this morning?" I smirk.


"I got shit faced and stuff happens. Rarely something I do" He says almost ashamed of his actions. "It's good, we've all done it" I assure. "You have?" He asks. "Well um uh well you see" I stumble over my words as I feel my cheeks heat up. He quirks an eye then it clicked to him. 


"Oh my god" I sigh in my hands. "No no it's okay. Thats actually really good. Practically no one can stand that long." He rubbed my arms. "It's embarrassing. I mean I'm 22 and still a virgin with no boyfriend!" I gush.


"Hey be proud" He bent down to my eye level. He pulled my hands out of my face as I dropped them by my sides. "This is awkward" I mumble. He chuckles. "You should stay" He begs. "We have work" I protest. "We're not children. We can have a sleep over and we go to the same school!" He cheered like a kid. I started laughing. " I mean we do work at the same place at the same time...." I trial off. "Soooo?" Harry smiled widely.


"Fine" I playfully roll my yes. "Yay!" He jumps and spins me around. I scream as I cling on to him. He set me down and pushed me down the hall. 


"Here some of my sisters clothes" He handed me a pile of pajamas. "Thank you" I smile. "Showers that way" He points left.



short chappie! I'm almost done with the 4th chapter of my new short book so I'll publish it soon!

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