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My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


14. I ruin everything

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After my shower I head out to the living room to see Harry laying down on the sofa watching football. I stand there confused on where I could sit because his feet took up most of the space. I decided to make my presents known. I sigh and pretend like I just walked in. He sat up and looked at me. "Nice shower I see" He smiles. "Yes, the water is super warm" I smile and sit next to him cross legged. He does the same and puts his arm around me. I sit there enjoying his warmth.


"So how are you and Zayn?" He suddenly asks. "Ehm, I say we're good. Gonna have another date tomorrow I guess" I say. "You guys are an odd couple" He comments. "Why would you say that?" I look at him. "Your opposites" He says. "Opposites attract" I spoke. "True. I just never saw it coming. He's rebellious and daring. Your quiet and posh, organized" He further described. "Zayn is a quiet guy though and a ladys man" I add. "I see your point" He nods. 


I cautiously open my eyes and notice I'm not in my own home. I look around and sit up. I hear graon from not just me. I look down. "Shit I'm sorry" I say. "It's fine, didn't expect to have you slam on my chest" He laughs. On cue, both of our alarms ring. "Oh you wake upp at the same time?" I ask. "Yea" He yawns. "Well I'll meet you at your place so you can get ready" He adds. "Okay" I smile and lean in for a hug. He wraps his arms around me and pecks my cheek. I blush at the contact and give him a smile while heading out.


I rush to look for  something to wear. Turns out our alarms were ringing for quite awhile. Mine went off 7 times. So I lost 35 minutes to get ready. Why did I agree to the sleep over? I'm not 5. Damn you Harry! There was nothing left in my closet but coats and blazers. Crap I forgot to do the laundry too! Ugh, not my morning. 


Suddenly the doorbell rings. I look at the time. I only have 15 minutes to get dressed, make up and eat! I sprint to the  door and open it. "I brought breakfast" He greeted with that big white smile. "I have nothing to wear and-"


"Don't worry. Emily gave this to me on my way here. Plus, why didn't you tell me it was your birthday?" He frowned. "What!" I shout and look at the calender above my desk. "Shit! I didn't finish the power point!" 


"Calm down. Go get ready the power point today was supposed to be a draft so turn in what you have." He held me and handed the dress in my hands. I sigh and walk back to my room. My eyes widen when I unzip the dress. I can't wear this to work! Tight fitted black dress that was short. I pulled it over seeing as I have only 8 minutes to get ready now. I put my nude heel son with an long emerald coat. I grab my purse and head out to Harry's car.


I look out the window as we pull in to the parking garage. "You look nice today" Harry mumbles. "Especially your hair" He adds. I pat my head expecting to feel my bun but it's flat. My eyes bulge as I wip the car mirror to my face. "Harry!" I smack his arm. "Ow! I said you look nice" He rubbed his arm. "I have no makeup on and my hair isn't even brushed!" I shout. "Zayn would love to wake up next to you. Change isn't always bad Lizzy" He rolls his eyes. "I told you only my friends call me that" I spat. 


Silence fell over us as he pulled into a spot and shut the car off. I processed what I had said and regretted it. "Harr-" He slammed the car door shut making me flinch. I got out and before I could call to him he stormed into the lobby. I sigh and trudge inside.


"You need to apologize" Em peeled her banana. "I know. I over reacted." I pulled at my dress. "Happy birthday" She chuckled. "Yea, Happy birthday" I mutter. "You should talk to him now otherwise you won't ever do it" She took a bite. "What do you mean by that?" I frown. "You hate saying your sorry Liz." She told me. "I always apologize for my actions" I scoff. "No because you always have to be right" She raised her brows. "No" I protest. "Your doing it right now" She rolled her eyes. 


"Atleast I'm not a nosy ass that can't keep her mouth shut. I didn't even ask to talk about this. Please I don't need a lecture right now." I groan. "Fine" She stood up. "By the way it's not called being nosy, It's being there when a friend needs you. The world doesn't revolve around you so wake up and stop being a bitch cause thats all you ever are. I learned to deal with it in high school but I'm not dealing with it now. I only talked to you out of pity. Hows that for not keeping my mouth shut Elizabeth" She spat and walked off.


I let my head fall to my desk as I groaned in pain. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out lazily.


Mind if I pick up today?

I was going to politely decline but remembered Harry was my ride. I didn't want ot face the awkward tension. It's not that I was avoiding the apology, I just wanted to give him space to cool off before talking to him.

To: Zayn;)



Great. Happy birthday by the wayxx

I smile.

To: Zayn;)

Thank you. How did you know?


Haz told me as a way to impress you. Not as charming when your mate has to tell you eh?

To: Zayn;)

 No it's still sweet you remembered to tell me :)


Good, so 3 you get out?




Okay see you later dollxx 


Harry was sweet enough tell Zayn just to help him impress me. I feel like crap. Why do I ruin everything?

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