All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


10. I need to clear my head

He slowly pulled away and rests his head on mine. "Sorry. I know you don't approve but I just had to" He mumbles innocently. I was lost for words or even stuttering. "You can yell or smack me tomorrow morning but right now we can just fall asleep" He layed down again and pulled me to him. "Night love" He pecked my cheek and dozed off.


I stayed awake for hours until the sun came rising. My eyes drooping, desperately wanting to close. I slipped out of his grip and slowly out of bed. I tiptoed into the living room to lay down and get atleast and hour or 2 of sleep.


I got comfortable and looked around just thinking. "What have I done?" I shook my head and forced my self to stop thinking and let the sleep take over.


"I feel extremely bad" The voice sounding far. "Mate thats just wrong. Do you even remember what happened?" A different unfamiliar spoke. I was almost entirely awake but wanting some more sleep feeling fatigued still. "No not really and I feel like such a dick for that. What if I said something stupid?" My mind fully comprehending that I had to wake up. "Most likely" The new voice chuckles. 


I sit up squinting my eyes. I yawn silently and stretch before standing. "Thanks" I recognize as Harrys voice. I follow his voice into the kitchen and direct he notices me. "Hey listen I am soo sorry for what I did and well everything" He stood up quickly and approached me. "It's fine. The night was to let loose and well you did just that" I shake my head.


"Still it was stupid and childish of me" He apologized. "Get used to it love" The guy with Hazel eyes laughed and went for the fridge. "Don't mind him" Harry glared. I stood still looking at him. "I'm Zayn" He smiles at me. I blushed, he was gorgeous. "Elizabeth but y-you can c-call me Liz" I stutter. I know I looked foolish.


He seemed amused by me. Harry frowns. "Well thanks for stopping by mate" He smacked his back. Zayn gave him a look. "Right, I'll talk to you later. I'll see you lovely another time and maybe talk" He winks at me. I bit my lip nodding. Harry showed him out the door then turned to me with a groan.


"Sorry he's such a flirt" He said. "It's fine" I shrug. It was totally fine, I didn't mind at all. "Well what happened last night? Sorry I kept you here" He looked sad. "Don't feel guilty it was fun last night" I say. "Really?" He observed me. "Yes. I had drinks, we talked you danced I laughed. No worries" I leave the embarrassing parts out for both our sake.


"Great" He sighs in relief. "Though you almost got arrested" I wait for his expression. His eyes bulged and gave me an insane look of panic. "What?! That could have gone on my record why?" He gapes. I start laughing. "I'm just kidding your too good for that" He glared. "Your one too talk." He raised a brow at me. "Whats that supposed to mean?" I stand straight.


"Please I can see right through you. Your innocent and wouldn't hurt a fly" He grins. "Actually I despise bugs so I could" I snicker. "Smart ass" He chuckles. "I can be a rebel" I shrug. "Sure" He rolls his eyes. "Fine ask me. I'll do anything" I challenge. He smirks. "I saw the way you looked at Zayn. Tell him you like him" I felt my cheeks heat up. 


"Oh quiet are we?" He grins. "Fine" I gained my confidence back. "Great here, call him" He handed me his phone already calling. "What!" I shrieked and threw the phone back at him. "Zayn!" He smirks at me. Shit he picked up. "Yea Elizabeth here has something tell you" He yanked my arm and placed the phone in my hand. 


"Hey" I say shyly as Harry kept hold of me. "Well just needed to say I like your tattoos" I chicken out. Harry enjoyed this situation. "You have to do it" He whispered to me. I bit my lip as Zayn laughed and thanked me. "Are you into tattoos?" He asked. "Yes I think they're cool" I answer. "Then we should get one. I'm going this week if you wanna come even if your just looking" He asked. 


I felt tingly and excited. "Y-yea? I mean yes when?" I'm tongue tied right now. Harry tried listening to Zayns words. "I have Wednesday off, say around 1?" I nod. Harry nudged me to answer. "Oh right sounds good, I can get the rest of the day off I guess." I smile. "Great ehm I would get your number but I'm driving so text it to me through Haz" I frowned. Haz. "Me" Harry pointed. "Oh" I nod. "Okay well see you" I sigh feeling over joyed. "Alright see you soon Liz" He chuckles and we hung up. 


I stared off shocked. "Wow you got a date with Zayn. Thats quicker than it takes me to have a one" Harry praised proudly. I smiled wide still blushing. "Aww" He teased. I slap his arm and just notice he has not shirt on. "Hey you want a shower? I know you girls love showers and since you know last night"


"Yea" I say remembering last night. "You don't remember anything?" I ask. "Not really just when we talked when we first got there" He said sheepishly. "Same" I lie. "Yea I have a killer headache" He groans. "Take some aspirin. I'll make breakfast" I smile. "No your my guest" He objects. "I'm your friend" I say and thought of what he called me last night. 


"Fine. I'll leave some clothes out for you if you want. I'm gonna head for a quick shower to help me with this hangover" He smiled and walked to his room. 


Co-worker. It ran through my mind several times. This is still wrong. Harry and I aren't getting in a friendly way. I want to be friends not anything more. We are not even noticing what we're doing isn't that right way. I made up my mind to leave. I would feel bad to just get up and leave so to make myself feel better I made him the breakfast and left a note before leaving. I needed to clear my head.

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