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My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


18. Hell hours


I did my usual routine and waited on the couch for Harry to pick me up. Mouthing the same script of words the news anchors always followed for awhile until hearing his horn.


"Hey" I hope in the passenger seat. "Morning" He grins. "So you have a lot of work as soon as we get to the office" He started conversation. "I know" I groan. "I have 3 columns for you to approve along with the others on the floor. You need to call someone in for the printers. They are just jamming up and I fixed one of them but the other I couldn't" He listed. "I have new ones ordered that should come in today actually" I advised "Oh good. You also have to talk to Mr.Rivers about something I don't know. There is a staff meeting today which by the way involves that presentation Mr.Glindzer needed" He continued. "Anything else?" I sigh already getting a headache of all that I have to do for today. "Whatever goes wrong today" He chuckles. "Please, I hope not" I pray. 




"Okay so I would advise you to print publish these two but the other doesn't seem current so it's not appealing to the general public." I scan through Harrys pieces. "Okay, I need to print the final copy but theres only 4 machines working" He looks at me sheepishly. "Okay I'll see what time they get here" I mumble. "Just put it in the green folder and I'll buzz you in when it's ready" He nods as I walk out to talk with Rivers. I'm in charge now so this should be interesting.


I knock on his door and hear his call to come in. I push the door open and see the stack of papers. I smirk, he really thinks I'm a receptionist still that slaves around doing his work. "How may I help you today Rivers?" I grin. "I need 4 cover orders for you to run to Mr.Glindzer and ask him for me along with the usual copies" Surprisingly, he wasn't rude. "I'm sorry I would do it but one, it's not my position anymore to do so and two, I have to get the orders of the printers in so if you don't mind buzz the receptionist" I say and turn on my heel feeling content. It felt good to have the upper hand for once.


"Mary I'm sorry but it just isn't what fits the common criteria for what the public wants" I yet again tried to explain to this woman in the nicest way that her stories were boring and horrible. How she got this job, I don't know. "I don't see why not" She whined. "I have to go I really am sorry. Maybe we can all talk about what we are aiming for in the meeting and express our opinions and concerns" I dismiss and walk out to finally have my lunch break.


I took the elevator down and saw Emily and Harry already sitting down in a conversation. "Wow I thought you didn't come. I haven't seen you all day" Emily gives me a hug. I plop down in a seat between them with a sigh. "I am exhausted" I mumble. "I kept seeing you walk back and forth" Harry chuckles. "I want to just fall asleep" I whine. "Well the days almost over" Em tried to cheer up. I smile at her as my phone starts to ring.


"Hello?" I mumble. "Are you okay babe? You don't sound too good" I instantly sit up at the voice. "Zayn" I hum. His voice is just what I needed to hear. Emily smirks while Harry rolls his eyes. "You tired?" He asks. "Dead" I mutter. "Don't worry you have the weekend off" He chuckles. "That doesn't come for another 3 days" I whine. "You can sleep over mine tonight if you want?" He offers. I smile knowing it was also in his benefit. "Sure" 


"Great well hold on a bit longer. I'll see you tonight." He says. "Okay, bye" I smile. "Bye babe" He hung up afterward. "OOOOO" Emily teased. I nudge her. "What did he want?' Harry asked. "Nothing jsut checking up on how my days going and I'm staying over his tonight" I shrug eating my fries Em bought for us. "You sure thats a good idea?" He quirks a brow. "Why not?" I raise one. "You'll have no sleep doing nothing but sins all night" I laugh at his metaphor. "You need to be well rested and that won't happen at his" He states. "Well too bad" I grin. "You promised it wouldn't happen again" He frowns. "Harry calm down she meant calling in sick. She is a big girl to make her decisions to sin all night and have a hangover the next morning" Emily giggles. "Whatever" He huffs. "Someones grumpy" I poke his cheek which he glares at me for.




"I really think that it would benefit the people" Mary tried so desperately to get anyone to agree with publishing her piece. "Mary we will not be publishing the piece, thats final" I repeat and move on. "Anyone confused or have any disagreements with the writing criteria?" I scan the room. Someone cleared their throat. My eyes land on Harry. "Styles" I nod for him to continue. "I think just general information in the columns is boring for our company. I mean we share the paper with The Globe and they have the fun puzzles and facts, things people actually buy a book or new paper in the first place. I think with the money we have we could easily have our own paper with everything. That way we earn more profit and in a dirty way, leave The Globe to fend for them selves and fail" He shrugs. 


"That is a very good point which is what my next slide talks about." I click the button for the power point to go to the next slide. "We have a whole department dedicated to just what we have of the newspaper. With the standards I've been testing which has been working do you guys not agree?" i ask making sure we were all on the same page. They all nod. "We have enough to leave Sponsored Recreation news paper and bought the label for our selves. That also increases our salary and ratings. We should be selling out in that area. I was planning on starts all of this within the next 2 months or so if we keep raising like we are now. Please read over the plan and if you have any questions please feel free to ask or contact me through email. Thank you guys for all your hard work today. I'll be seeing you tomorrow morning" I smile and we all begin to pack up and leave.


"I think we will be able to do it" Harry speaks next to me as we wait for Em. "I wasn't at Zayns doing nothing all day" I smirk. "Whatever" He chuckles.


"Liz?" Em walks up with a frown. "What happened?" I look at her. "Your mum called me" She gives me a look. My eyes widen. "I forgot to turn my phone back on" I fish it out of my blazer and turn it on. "Whats going on? Why is it such a big deal?" Harry is left in confusion. "Lets just agree that Lizs' family is the kind to believe in tough love and the reason for having no childhood thus her being the way she is...uptight" She explains. I scoff and immediately call my mum.


"About time you answer. What were you doing? Writing another hopeless book you believe is going on the best seller shelf?" I frown. It was always this way. "No mum. I'm actually working" I mumble. "Sure you were. You are still coming to the get together yes?" She asked just to be polite when I knew it was rhetorical. "Yes" I sigh. "You bringing anyone else this year for once besides Emily?" I roll my eyes as we walked out the front lobby door outside. "Em, you and Jeremy coming to the party still?" I ask hopeful. "Of course. I'm not leaving you with that devil" She whispers. i chuckle. "Emily and Jeremy are still attending." I say. 


"Anybody else? Elizabeth Reese you know we do this twice a year to come together and know whats been going on with everyone. We need some type of confirmation that you have a life outside of work" She lectures. "I really don't need this right now. Just stop it" I groan. Em looks at me knowingly but Harry returns his gaze of confusion as we reach our cars. "I worry about you dear. Your sister has her career and Fiance." She sighs. "I have two people attending this year" I lie somewhat.


I cup my hand over the phone quickly. "Harry I'm giving you the day off next week on Thursday to come to the party with me okay?" I somewhat ask. "No problem" He smiles. I nod. "Elizabeth answ-"


"Yes mum" I cut her off. "Who are these two guest?" She ask. "Friends of mine" I say. "Oooo goody. I'm so happy for you darling. Finally! I can't wait to meet them. Wait til I tell your father" She sings. I roll my eyes. "Well I see you next week" 


"Bye dear" I hung up not wanting to hear anymore. "I swear she gets more bitchy the older she gets" Emily snaps. "I know" I nod. "Is your mum that bad?" Harry ask. I nod. "Shes evil and judgemental" Emily adds. "I'm invited to meet that?" Harry gives me a look. "Yep. Thanks for volunteering to participate in hell hours" I laugh.


How did you guys like it? This is my way of foreshadowing some events that are going to happen but I still need your opinions. 

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