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My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


11. Hazzabeth

Raining once again. My phone has been off since the 5th call I got from Harry. Even Zayn called which I found was sweet. Today was the day I was supposed to go with him to the tattoo parlor. I had called in sick yesterday and Emily came to my door step but I ignored and acted as if I wasn't there. I knew she knew I was there but I chose to be a coward. 


I couldn't today. They say rain means a new beginning. Please let this be mine. 


Stepping into my car and reverse a black car blocked my drive way. I smacked the horn but the driver rolled down their window. My eyes widen and I sunk in my seat. Time to face it.


Instead as he walked up to my window I made up a lie on the spot. "Styles" I nod. "Whats up with you? Did I do something wrong?" He asked concerned and drenched. I felt bad. 


Yes Harry we had a mini make out session when you were drunk but thats okay. "No. I'm sorry. My aunt...Susan passed away" I lied and put on a sulking look. His face calmed and turned to pity. "Oh thats understandable. Would you like a ride?" He offered. "No I'm fine" I shake my head with a smile. 


I sighed in relief as he walked back to his car. This is going to be a long day.


"Shit! No wonder you were hiding" I had just finished telling Emily what happened with Harry and I and also the lie I told so she would go along with it. "I know but how are you and Jeremy?" I ask hoping for the right answer.


She smirked and broadly stuck her hand out. My eyes bulge. He did it. "Wow" I gasp. "I know! Thats why I came over your house the other day stupid! Gahhh I'm super happy. Oh and by the way Harrys your date and please don't yell" She winced. 


"Em!" I groan. "What? It's not like he remembers. Plus you don't even-" She topped and observed me. "What?" I frown. She grinned. "You like him" She gushed with joy. "No" I snap. "You can't lie to me hun. I'm your best friend. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for you both at the rehearsal" She bubbled. "When?" I ask.


"Tomorrow  but for now we need to get you ready for Zayn. You can have him as the side babe" She winked and pushed me into the closet. "I am not an experimental player" I scowl. "Tattoos scream bad sexy babe. Soooo...where this" She humms and pinned the clothes on me to see how it would look. "Yea try it on" She smiled. I hanged into the black highwaisted jeans with and navy crop. "I'll take it. Where are my TOMs?" I call out as I study myself in the mirror. 


I see them tossed onto my bed and she plops herself down and smile. "Meow" She laughed. I jumped on her and wipped a pillow at her. "Hey!" She giggled and smacked me down too. We layed there laughing until the bell rung. I sit up straight and jump off to slip my shoes. "Your lucky we already did make up. Here pull this out" She released my hair down as it fell into waves. "Sexy" She winks. "Thanks Em" I hug her and let Zayn in. 


"Hello" He kissed my cheek. I blush. "Well don't you look pretty as always" He smiles at me. "You look perfect" I sucked my mouth in as I realized how forward I was being. He looked at me amused. "I like you more each time I see you" He winks and I can here Em bouncing and snickering from my room. "Okay we should go. I can't wait" I pulled him out leaving the door for Emily to close.


"These are so cool." I glance over all the designs. "I'm gonna get this one" He pointed to the wolf. I gasp at the sight. "It's beautiful" I admire it. "Thanks. You decided if your getting one?" His hazel eyes looked into mine. I nod still looking into them. "Which?" He looked down at the book. "The treble clef with vines wrapping through it" I point down. "Not bad" He smiled. 


"You can hold me hand to squeeze" He kissed my cheek again. I bit my lip smiling. "Good cause I'll need it" I bravely say.


"Oh fuck that hurt" I hissed as we walked up to my door. "Here I'll show you how to take care of it." I pushed the door and he was open. I rush in to find Harry, Jeremy and Emily sitting on my couch. "Care to explain?" I raise a brow. They all smile at me. Zayn walked in behind. "Oh company" He said. I nod. "Don't mind us" Em smiled. "Hey mate" Harry waved to Zayn. 


"Um just follow me" I pulled him into the bathroom. 


He dabbed the cloth on the tattoo as I hissed and often yanked my arm away. "Sorry" We both say. "All done just need to wrap it" He smiled. "It's fine I'll do it" I take it in my hands. His covered mine. "Let me take care of it" He said huskily. My breath hitched as his warm hands grabbed my arm delicately and wrapped the gauze securely. 


"You want to stay for a bit?" I mumble looking up at him. "Yea" He grinned and helped me off the counter. 


I stay in Zayns embraced and I'm surprised we hit it off right away. He just breaks me out of my shell. Emily was glaring at me and I wondered why. "Doll I got to get to the bathroom for a sec" He whispered in my ear. Shivers went down my spine. I get up and leave him to his business.


Emily rushed over to me and right away exploded into frustrated whispers. "Stop it now! End it now! Your meant to be with Harry not Zayn. I said side babe not main babe. Get rid of him pronto!" She demanded. " I'm not just going to drop him. Plus I can't kick him out either" I whispered back flustered. "Then I will" She smirks. "Don't" I warn. "Watch me" She giggled and sat by Jeremy again. 


I watched Emily as we watched a movie I wasn't even paying attention to. She kept glancing over at me as if saying it's my last chance before she did something. "I'm thirsty" She stretched and leaned over to the coffee table and took Jeremys drink. "Babe wait!" Jeremy panicked as she chugged his wine. She immediately started choking and I realized she just practically poisoned herself. 


This girl will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants. "We got to get her to the hospital she's allergic to that!" Jeremy looked at me. "I walked over here" He added. "Oh!" I grab my car keys and rushed to the door. "Harry and Zayn follow us there" I shout starting the car. "Alright" Harry yelled back as we zoomed off. "Emily Rose I will seriously kill you!" I snap. Jeremy looked horrified at me. I saw her laugh through her coughing. 


"She's stable and her oxygen level is almost balanced. She can be released within another 4 hours" The doctor walked off to write the report. I sighed sitting down. "Hey um. I'll check on you tomorrow yeah? I have work" Zayn sat next to me. "Okay and sorry this happened" I apologize. "I had a fun time don't worry" He kissed my cheek once more before leaving.


"I see you guys hit it off" Harry smirks at me. I look down with a smile. "Yes. Thanks" I say. "For what?" He asks. "Having Zayn as a mate" I laugh. He chuckled and nods his head." I'll remember that for the rest of my life"


"Hey what time is that rehearsal thing at tomorrow?" He frowns. "I don't know" I shrug. "Ask Jeremy when he gets back from the cafeteria" I add. I hear her groan as she woke up. "Is he gone yet?" Was the first thing she muttered. I shake my head and hug her. "Yes. Happy you dumb ass" I say in her ear. I feel her smile. "Time for operation Hazzabeth" She cheers. "What?" I laugh. "My ship name for you guys" She winks. I roll my eyes. Hazzabeth?



You guys think that a good ship name? Idk whatever anyway leave comments below for the next chappie:) 







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