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My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


17. For the millionth time


"Wow" I pant. "That was amazing" Zayn agrees catching his breath. I blush realizing what we just did. Take not that I've only done this about 3 times and I'm 21. I know, sad people would say. But hey, Zayn was the best by far. 


"Can I be honest with you?" He turned to me. I nod and play with my fingers. I'm still a bit uncomfortable after the whole sex thing usually, I mean not much experience so yea. "I have never came that hard so that was the best" I bit my cheeks really hard and blushed immensely. "Thats so cute" He chuckles and wrapped me to his chest. "What?" I hide my head. "Your blushing. Thats so cute." He kissed my bare shoulder. I look up at him with an embarrassed smile. "Well your my best too" I mumble. He smirks. "Glad we're on the same page here."



"Harry leave already!" Emily yelled at me. "But it's not fixed" I point to the printer. "Not your problem, unless you get paid extra" She rolls her eyes. I sigh and get up on my feet again. "Lets go" She laughed. "Alright" I give in, seeing as I'm exhausted. "She needs someone like you" She mumbles. "Who?" I look at her. "Huh? Nothing, nothing" She shakes her head. I frown but we continue to the elevator.


"Whats your type?" She asks randomly. Odd. "What do you mean?" I question. "Like what do you look for in a girl?" She clarified. "I don't know" I shrug. "Nice, fun, a fit body" I smirk at the last one. "Your such a guy" She groans. "Okay characteristically wise though" She pressed on as we stopped on the main floor. "Ehm, usually brunettes, don't care for eye color and fair or tan skin" I say. "Why?" I had to ask as we stepped across the lobby. "Just trying to figure you out" She shrugged. I quirk a brow but choose not to investigate further, at least not now. "Well have a nice night and did you talk to Lizzy?" She asked standing in front of her car. "No, she didn't pick up. I've been calling all day" I shake my head. "Oh, well thanks anyway, see you tomorrow" She smiled. I returned it with a wave as I got in my car.



"We've been in bed all day" I pulled back from our millionth kiss today. "You weren't complaining before" He laughed. I roll my eyes with a blush. "Well I need to shower" I try to make up an excuse. "I don't mind you in nothing for the res of the night" I smack his head. He pouts. "I'll be back" I plant a lingering kiss on him and walked into his bathroom with a smile. "Nice view from here" He called out. "Shut up!" I laugh.


I needed a few seconds to figure out where we stood. I stripped from my clothes and stepped under the blazing hot steamy water. I felt my self relax a bit more if that was even possible. Everything was so free with Zayn. After today, I'd say we are out of the dating zone but I wouldn't put a label on it before he confirmed his feelings. 



I smile as she freely walked to my bathroom stark naked. It was a beautiful sight and made me feel good. She was comfortable with me, she trusted me. Her phone rang for the millionth time tonight. Who the hell was calling her? Was she seeing anyone else? I mean although that would make me upset, I couldn't help but want her to be all mine. I hadn't realized that at any moment this thing we have going on could disappear. I looked over at who it could be and Harrys name came up. She wouldn't mind if I pick up since it's him.



"Zayn?" He sounded surprised and confused. "That would make sense"He mumbles. "What?" I frown. "Wheres Liz?" He asked. "In the shower" I say. "I need to talk to her" He stated the obvious. "Well no shit you called her" I rolled my eyes. "Well then let her pick up next time" He said. "I told you shes in the shower." 

"Just have her call me" He sounded annoyed and tired. "Mate just tell me and I'll pass it on, who twisted your pissed on ya?" 

"Nevermind just whatever" He hung up. What was going on with him? Then last night came into my head. As much as I hated to admit it, a drunk and stoned mind was a sober one. I felt jealousy creep up. No, he's Harry, my best mate. 



"Zayn" I snapped back to reality. "Zayn!" I stood up and saw her head poking out the door. I smile. "I need clothes...and a towel" She said and bit her lip. She was still so innocent. "I can fix both problems" I smirk. She looked relived. "You can come out and I'll be your towel to shield from the perverts lerking around and you can use my clothes" She shakes her head. "I need a towel Zayn" She repeated. "I've already seen you naked, all day as a matter of fact. One more time wouldn't hurt, end it with a big bang!" I make an explosion sound. She giggled which made me feel proud of doing so. "Fine" She looked down with a small smile. "Mind opening the door?" I tilt my head. She oped it and her body was still dripping. I took a minute to look at her until she rushed passed me with a squeak. 


"Hey! I was supposed to shield you, someone could have seen you" I laugh. "Well they can't see me if there are no widows in the hall" She smiled. "Well there is in my room" I say. "So" She shrugs. Funny how she can be so free and then the next minute so shy. "Your something else" I shake my head. "I hope thats a good thing" She looks back at me. "Yea, in fact. Okay here out this shirt on before I ask" I chuckle and rummage threw to give her one of my jumpers.


She sat on the edge of my bed, legs crossed. "This is really tempting." I admit. She smirks and take the shirt. "Your such a tease! Who knew?" 


"Your question?" She laughs. "Okay um" I pause and sit next to her. "I've been thinking that we have known each other for a good amount time so maybe we should change up the dating status  abit. Would you want to maybe be more?" I smile shyly at her. She smiles and takes my cheek in her hand. "Yes" I smile at her answer and bring her close to me as we connected lips once again.



I stood there frustrated at the fact she hasn't been to work in 2 days and doesn't pick up her calls. Shes been M.I.A! I frown seeing her lights still don't turn on. I have rang the doorbell about a million times and still nothing. Maybe she's at Harrys. 


I walk down across the street and took a right. After passing by 5 houses I arrived at his place. I knock on his door hearing his TV on so he's close enough to hear it. 2 seconds I see his tired in some boxes. My eyes widen, he had a body I had to admit. "Whats wrong?" He yawned. "Is she hear? She isn't at her house" 


"At Zayns" He answered. "Still?" I frown. "Yea" He rolled his eyes. "Wow" I say shocked. She would never go out of her way for a guy it was always the other way around. That would also explain why her relationships wouldn't last long at all. I'm glad she was actually trying with someone...even though I still think Harry and her make a killer couple. "You wouldn't uhm mind taking me there would you?" I ask, feeling lazy to walk all the way back to my car. "Sure" He answered without a second of hesitation.



I kissed down his chest as I straddle his waist. He gripped mine and groaned. "Now that your all mine, you should sleep over more often" I bit my lip liking the sound of that. 'Mine'. I felt a sense of security knowing he was proud. "Hmm, doing this every night and waking up to you?" I sat up pretending to think. "Perfect" I kissed him. "Every night yeah?" He spoke between kisses. I nod and feel his hands go up his long shirt. I pull back watching his face in concentration. I burst into laughter figuring what he was trying to do. "I don't have anything under remember?" His cheeks flushed. "Well, that just speeds up the process." He chuckles and I tug down his boxers. "Oh, your taking lead now? Guess my mom was right" I raise a brow at him. "What?" I laugh at the mention of his mom while we're doing this. "Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets" I blush. "I am no freak" He nods. "This is contradicting what your saying at the moment." Gesturing towards our position. "Shut up Malik" I kiss him and lean down to connect our selves again. He sighed in pleasure as I moved my hips. He held my sides tightly. I moaned softly with my head burried in his neck as he groaned, meeting my thrust. "Zayn" I breath. "Keep saying that" He whispered. I chuckled and we sped up. We were in our own world until the sound of his bell rang through out the house. I stopped and looked at him. "You expecting?" I ask knowing he wasn't. His head shook confirming my theory. I sighed and went to get up. "Nope, we're finishing this" He flipped us over and took my legs around his waist. "Zayn what are you-" I gasp at the force and speed he went at. The pleasure was almost unbearable. "Zayn" I moan. "So hot" He laughed. I grab his neck and pull him down to meet my lips. He got automatic entrance to deepen the kiss. One hand went under my back and arched at the contact and met his fast pace. Our moans filled his room. "Almost" He pants.I thew my head back. Suddenly he sits us up. "Fuck" I curse. "Just hold on" He breaths into my neck as he bounced me. I held on to his shoulders feeling my stomach almost erupt. Feeling him come undone and I dazed off into whirl of pure intense happiness. We held each other and caught our breath as the bell rung again followed by both of our phones ringing. We started laughing as Zayn kissed my cheek. "Time to face reality" He sighs and moves a stand of hair away from my face. "Go answer" I smile and we removed our selves from the relaxing position.



The most disturbing thoughts came into mind while waiting at the door. It sickened me inside. She wasn't thinking. Missing two days of work and staying at his house all day probably in nothing but his shirt. "I'll call them" Emily grumbles. I ring it again but hold it and hear as the same note rings through his house. Finally I see his silhouette throw the window and he opens the door. "Took you long enough" I push past him into the living room and plop down. "Please feel free to come in" He says sarcastically. "Wheres Lizzy?" Emily cuts in, taking a seat next to me. "Bathroom" He glances down the hall. I scoff. "Still taking a shower" He rolls his eyes at me. "No, simply using it"


"Zayn whos there-" She gets cut short seeing us. She blushes furiously  and pulls down her-yup, Zayns shirt. I look away feeling annoyed by her careless, childish actions. "Your alive!" Emily sprung from the couch and hugged her. Zayn walked over to me as they squealed and talked at a rapid pace, somehow understanding each other. "Are you okay?" He asks. "Peachy" I say emotionless. "Your obviously bothered by something. Work, some chick?" He looked at me. I glanced at the two girls and sigh. "Sorry, yeah. It's work" I lie. "Just knock the guy out" He laughs. I chuckle bitterly. "I should" I don't know why I was so protective over Liz. She just looked so fragile. 


"WHAT!?" Emily screached. I groan covering my ears. "You and?" She paused looking between her and Zayn. I look to him and he smirks. I frown. "Ahh! Thus Elayn is born! Thats an awesome ship name, I'm so damn good" She smiles. "So what did you guys come over for?" Elizabeth asked walking to sit next to Zayn and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. I huff. "Well my big speech" Emily joins in next to her. I felt like a loner for some reason. "I'm sorry though Em, it was my fault" She hugged her once more. "Are we done now? I kinda need to work tomorrow" I emphasize. "Stop being a little bitch" Em waved me off. I scowl. "No he's right. I have to go back tomorrow" She sighs and Zayn gave her a pout. "I'll see you tomorrow babe" Zayn kissed her. She smiled letting go and stood up. "See you some other time mate" I nod at Zayn and he does the same. "I will kill you if you hurt her" Em glared at him. Glad someone did it instead of me. "Be nice" Liz laughs. "Call me when you get home safe" Zayn walked with her to the door and hugged her once more with a peck. I walk to my car and buckled up. 


Seeing them finally in their seats I drive off to Em's first since her house came before ours. "See you guys tomorrow" She gave us both a cheek kiss and I drove off. "So hows the office been?" She spoke to me for the first time."Hectic so for the millionth time, never miss work again" I shook my head. "For the millionth time, don't worry. This was a one time thing and my first. I really want to thank you for introducing me to Zayn." She smiled appreciatively. "Right, no problem" I say remembering I'm the one who set them up. As we pulled into my drive way, I got out and opened her door. "I'll never get used to that" She grins. "Come on, I'm walking you home" I nudge her arm. She loops it with the on thats tucked into my joggers. It felt weird. "I need to set  you up with someone" She puts on a face. I laugh. "I'm fine for now. Theres enough drama without one" I say honestly. "What drama?" She laughs. "Just stuff" I shrug. "Well just know I'm here if you ever want to talk" I smiled down at her as we reached her house. "See you tomorrow for sure" She said. "I'll pick you up, save gas" I say. "Sure you wouldn't mind after last time?" She frowns. "Don't feel bad it was a childish, harmless bicker. Plus we are not morning people" I brush it off. "Well thank you. Goodnight Harry" She leaned up to kiss my cheek but couldn't reach. I laugh and lean down a bit so we could both do it. "Shut up" She giggled as she walked into her house. "Night" I call out as she smiled with a wave before shutting the door. 


For millionth time tonight, I was left confused with myself.


WOO FOR ONE OF MY LONGEST CHAPTERS EVA! Anyway hope you liked it, was a bit interesting of I say so my self. I wrote this whole thing in fake nails which I'm wearing for the first time ever and let me say...ITS FUCKING ANNOYING AS HELL. Never again will I wear them. I was like handicap. I couldn't put on my clothes without them hurting like hell and I screamed a string of profanities when I opened the dryer machine cuz it pulled them back but didn't come off so that sucked. Anyway let me know..
#TeamHazzabeth or #TeamElayn

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