All of me

My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


7. fan girl

He turned the car off and hoped out quickly to open my door. I have to get used to this I guess. "Again thank you for driving me. I feel like a burden" I admit. "Again, I offered. Don't feel bad. I'm new to the area so I need some people and things to do" he smiles. "Oh I thought you already worked around in London" I say. "Nope cheshy" he said. "What?" I ask confused. "I came from Cheshire" he explains. " oh. Nice town" I smile back. "Thanks" he says as we arrive at the front desk.


"Hello how may I help you?" The young guy asked. I stood there a second amazed. He was quite attractive. "Elizabeth" Harry nudged me. "Hmm? Oh! Sorry" I blush mad. " yea I'm Elizabeth ehm uh I just need my car" I stutter. "Okay? Come follow me" he stood up. I quickly follow with Harry next to me.


"This your car?" He points. " yea it looks fresh painted" I frown. "Yea I like to do that sometimes if I know it would make it look polished up a bit. I hope you don't mind?" He asks worried. "No thank you it looks nice" I smile and look at him for the second time. His hazel eyes meet mine. I'm once again dazed.


"Ahem so what's the cost and with the insurance" I snap back seeing Harry pulling his wallet out. "what are you doing ?" I ask. "Paying ?" He looks at me confused. "My car my fault it's here and your already giving me a ride" I laugh and take my credit card out.


"Independent woman?" The boy grins. "Yea " I smile shyly with a blush. He looks around. "Come I'll give you my discount" he said. "I can't accept that" I deny shocked. "I offered" He smiles at me hopeful. "No no you have done enough" I shake my head. "You'll be back" he smirks. I giggle. Harry rolling his eyes


"That guy is really unprofessional. Flirting with customers" Harry shook his head. "He was being nice" I defend. He gave me a look. "Your nice all the time" I point out. "Yea but that's just me" He says.


I pulled in to my driveway and Harry parked his car next to mine. I look at him. "Wanna hang out for a bit?" I offer. "Sure your not busy?" He asks. "I offered." I smirk. He grins and follows me inside.


"Your doing it all wrong!" He exclaimed. "I can't cook!" I drop the whisk. "Gimme that" He sighs and leans over me to grab my wrist. "You do it like this" He motioned it with my hands. His were really warm and soft. "It feels weird" I whine. "Have you ever baked a cake?" He raised a brow. "Ehm... No" I say. "That explains a lot" He laughs. "Shut up" I slap his arms "Your slaps are like little rain drops" He snickered. "We'll your like the British version of Paul Bunyan so yea" I laugh.


The cake was finally done, we were devouring it like no tomorrow. "Best cake ever" I say through bites. "I know" He hums. "Milk" He points. I take out the cups and he pours some. "How don't you know how to cook?" He asks. I shrug. "Never got taught how" He looks at me. "Your mum didn't show you?" He frowns. "Nope. I'm not her favorite" I laugh.


"You have siblings?" He says surprised. "Yea. Just a younger sister" I say. "How old?" He chews. "Same age but just 5 months apart" I reply. "Oh not bad" He nods . "Psh yea right" I chuckle."Hhat?" He questions. "My parents and I just don't get along" I lay it out simple. "Oh I see" He takes a sip from his milk


"How about you?" I ask. "Sister Gemma. She's older though." I laugh. "So your the baby of the family" I tease. "Hey it's all good. I still play the protective roll " He defends. "Right. I bet when you were younger she told the kids to back off or she'd pound them. Your body guard. " I laugh. "Hey that's not nice!" He threw a napkin at me. "What was that for? That's the worse weapon of injury ever" I giggle.


"It was just there" He laughs with me. "Okay fine. I'll get you back though" I squint. "Impossible. I'm British Paul bunyan" He sticks his chest out. I take the opportunity to punch it. Didn't do much though.


"Oh no more rain drops!" He laughs. "Your lucky curly" I roll my eyes. "Aww someone's mad they lost?" He pouted. I pinched his lips with my fingers. "Ow!" He covered his mouth with his hand.


"Oh my god I'm sorry did that really hurt?!" I panic. "Relax love I'm playing" He grins. I push him. "I can nudge you harder" He said. "No cause I have a bigger butt" I challenge. He leans back.


"Hey! Don't check my butt out" I laugh. "I am a man of science I must find evidence" He says. "Yea sure" I take my last bite of cake.


"Your a slow eater" He points out. "You like people watching don't you?" I ask. "Yes." He smiles. Aww. "You have dimples. Ahhhhhg I'm going to poke them each time!!!" I fan girl. He gives me weird look.


"I'm a sucker for dimples" I admit with slight embarrassment. "Oh and I'm a sucker for people who blush" He smirks. I roll my eyes and sit on the bar stool.


My phone started ringing and so did Harrys. We both look up. "Work?" We ask in unison. "Yea" He chuckles. "Speaker" I demand and we answer the voice mail.


"Great news staff, tomorrow the company will be open at regular hours and business is as scheduled. Thank you for your patience" Our loud echoes came to a stop as it hung up. I pout. "I don't want to" I whine. Harry frowns. "Me either" He sighs. I look at the time an it's already 6 pm. 


"Wow it's late" I say surprised. Harry looks over at the clock hanging on the wall. "I should get going" He walks over to me and pulls me into a hug. I awkwardly hug back. He clears his throat and stands straight. "I'll walk you to the door" I smile. He nods his head.


"I'll see you tomorrow" He smiles. "Yea. Bright and early" I lean against the door frame. He groans. "It was nice to sleep in" I nod. I made sure he drove away safely by habit and closed the door behind me. 


"So much for keeping it professional Liz" I scold my self


Sorry I'm late, I had so many rehearsals for band and High School registration crap so yea. Hope you guys enjoyed and thnx for being so patient as always.


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