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My life was structured, just how I like it. Until he came. I don't know why I am attracted to him. Could it be those shining Emerald orbs? Those rosy lips that look so soft? Or is it that famous smile that makes me fall like the rest of those overly obsessed teenage girls? Harry Styles, you have changed me


4. Don't take it personal

"I'm so happy for you!" Emily gave me a tight hug once I told her about the whole executive position. "I'm so happy and I get to spend more time with you so I'll help you out" I jump. "Calm down babe. So you and Styles eh?" She wiggled her eyebrows. "Urgh, don't remind me. He's so weird. He likes people watching at the lobby. Mind you he was staring at me!" I exclaim. "I would kill for that attention" She wacked my arm. "You have Jeremy" I remind. "But do I ever leave this castle?" She asks. "Well no but-" I stop realizing she had a point. "Exactly." She laughs.


"Hey do you know if there are some Walkie-Talkies left?" I ask her. "Erm." She clicked the 5 page print button and turned to me. "Yea they should still be in the back. Fuck" She muttered as the printer jammed. "Okay, you fix that. Thanks" I wave and she mumbles a quick bye.


I didn't want to go back to Mr. Styles. I knew I had to but he just isn't fun. He's weird and uncomfortable to be around. I sigh reaching the 6th floor again. His door is open but I still knock. He looks up from the folder and smiles.


"Here's your Talkie." I walk into the room. "Thank you" He smiles and takes it from me. "It's cute sized" He observes. "Same thing I said" I chuckle and take my seat again. "So, how's it coming along?" I ask. "It's very different material. A bit of a challenge but-"


"It'll be manageable" I smirk. "Right" He laughs. "Lizzy. Mr. Rivers is in need of your assistance" I roll  my eyes and wish I shut my Walkie-Talkie off. "I'm a bit busy with Mr. Styles. Try Jane" I lie. "Okay thats fine" I smile and Mr. Styles looks at me. "Mr. Rivers is not my person" I explain. "Oh" He frowns. "Your lucky you haven't met him yet" I say. "Thats great advice" He chuckles.


I sigh. Finally I get to go home in peace. I remove my name tag and place it in my purse. Thanks to hiding out in Mr. Styles office, I got to actually eat lunch. 


I walk out to the rainy night. "Great" I groan and pull my umbrella out. It was a bit windy too. I walk down the street to my car and unlock it. I sit down and close my door, setting my purse down in the passenger seat. I fit the key into the ignition and start the car. Well I tried to. It would try to start up but kept dying out. "No" I whine. I take out the key and see if it's bent or something. It seemed straight so I wipe it and try again. Nothing. It kept roaring to start up but never did. "Come on. Are you serious!" I groan in frustration and smack the steering wheel. "Piece of crap" I sigh and grab my things again walking back out in the rain.


"Elizabeth?" Mr. Styles frowned pulling his coat on. "Hi" I say and stand in the lobby. "Didn't you go home?" He asks. "Well my car isn't starting" I roll my eyes annoyed that this happened. "Do you need a ride. "Thanks but I'll wait for Emily" I smile. "Doesn't she leave at 6?" I nod. "It's 9" I look down at the screen. 9:01. "Wow this gets better and better" I mutter. "My offer still stands" He reminds me. I bit my lip. "I wouldn't want to be a burden" I say. "I asked" He chuckles. "Alright" I sigh. 


I follow him out to his car. It was actually pretty nice. A Black Audi. He unlocks the door and jogs to my side opening the door. "Thank you" I say surprised but thankful. No one has ever done such a nice little gesture. He smiles and got in his seat, starting the car. "Where do you live?" He asks. "28 Michaels Village" I say sheepishly knowing it was a bit of a travel. "Really?" He asked curiously shocked. "Yes?" I question. "So do I. Thats weird. I live on the street after." He grins. "Thats weird." I say back not really interested and just want to get home. 


The car ride was silent. I was falling asleep against the window. Mr. Styles kept glancing back at me. He pulls up to the front of my house and I sluggishly lift my head from the window. I saw him get out of the car. I frown then scared me by opening my door. "Sorry love" He apologized. "It's fine. Thank you for driving me home and you know, being all gentlemen like" I blush. I don't know why I just felt special cause of the car door thing."Oh it's habit I don't want to be a jerk" He laughs. Okay never mind the whole special thing.


"Right. Well I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Styles" I nod. "Harry" He said. "Huh?" I look back at him. "We're outside the office you can call me Harry" He clarified. "I like keeping it professional that way we don't slip in work" I explain. "Oh sorry then thats fine" He shakes his head. I could tell he was ashamed. I felt bad. "I'm sorry don't take it personal. I do this with everyone. Even Emily, I hold my self back from calling her names like I do." I say. "It's fine. Have a great night" He smiled and walked back to his car. I sighed and walked up to my door pulling my key out. 



Once I stepped inside I turn to peek through the window seeing his car finally drive off. Maybe Mr. Styles wasn't so bad. Still, I wasn't too fond of him.


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