Turn Your Face

Description in first chappie


2. X-Factor Finals

Perrie's POV

This was it our final performance on the X-Factor. The girls and I are so nervous. To control my nerves I started talking to Jade."Hi Jade"

"Oh hi Pezza are you as nervous as I am?" Jade asked.

"Yeah that is why I wanted to talk with you I am so nervous"

"Don't worry Pezza we will be fantastic we always are because we have each other to rely on"

"You're right thanks Jade luv ya"

"Luv ya too Pez now shall we go sing our hearts out?"

"Yeah let's go"

Talking to Jade really makes me feel better. It's time to perform.

"That was awesome girls!" I shouted as we came off stage and started hugging each other. I love these girls so much!

Zayn's POV

We were performing for the x-factor finals and it was so awesome to be back. While we were getting ready we met Little Mix. They are pretty cool especially Perrie she is amazing! The boys and I decided to stay and watch the girls perform. They really know how to sing. I think I am starting to like Perrie a lot.

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