Turn Your Face

Description in first chappie


4. The Results

Perrie's POV

The girls Tulisa and I were about to go on stage. It is very nerverackin. "Please welcome the X-Factor finalists Little Mix and Marcus!!!" That was our cue it was time to find out who will win X-Factor 2011. We walked out onto the stage with Marcus and were about to be given the votes..." And the winner of X-Factor 2011 is.................. LITTLE MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!" I couldn't believe it we are the first group and the first girls to win the X-Factor! We all started crying and I could see our mums jumping up and down in the audience. We have worked so hard for this and our dreams have come true I am over the moon! I am really lucky first I have a date with Zayn Malik and now Little Mix won the X-Factor I am about to faint. As soon as we came off the stage Zayn was there. As well as the rest of One Direction well except Niall who was stuffing his face as usual. He was also saying let's go to Nandos to celebrate! Oh Nialler....... what would we do without you?

Zayn's POV

I am so proud of the girls they worked so hard for this. Perrie and the girls came off stage and I wish Perrie and I were together so I could hug her and spin her around. I hope someday that will happen I really really like Perrie. I am so confused I like her but does she like me? I guess I have to find out. I know exactly what to do.

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