Turn Your Face

Description in first chappie


8. The Next Day

Perrie's POV:

I woke up this morning to get ready because I was going to hang out with the girls today. I took a shower and got dressed for today. I was wearing black high waisted shorts with my Batman tank top and my black converse. I put my hair in a topknot and did my makeup lightly. After I went downstairs to eat breakfast I heard my phone vibrate on the coffee table. I looked at my phone and saw it was from Zayn. Memories of past night rushed into my head and I couldn't help but smile. I picked up my phone and looked at the text I couldn't help but blush.

Z= Zayn P= Perrie

Z: Hey beautiful

P: Hey wuz up

Z: I was wondering if you wanted to have a get together at my house with the girls and lads so we can tell them.

P: Yeah sounds good I am going shopping with the girls so I will tell them about it then.

Z: K sounds good the lads will already be here because there is a football game on today.(UK football)

P: Oh sounds fun...

Z: haha yeah I guess you aren't into sports.

P: Not really but I watch it sometimes

Z: oh cool do I will see you later baba😘

P: K bye you cheeky lad😘

I was nervous to tell the girls even though they will probably be supportive of the both of us. I wish one of the girls had a boyfriend so we could double date. I know I will set Jade up with someone. She has been going on and on about how she wishes she was in a relationship. I feel bad for her Jade is my baba and I don't like seeing her upset. I think I know who to set her up with😏. I heard a knock on. My door and opened it to see the girls. "Hey guys!" I said

"Hey" they all said in unison

" Are we ready to go?"

"Yeah let's go!"

We went in the car and drove to the mall. We decided to go eat first considering we were all starving. "So girls Zayn wanted to have a get together at his house and was wondering if we wanted to come."

"Ooooo sounds fun!"they sang in unison

"He said him and the lads will be there already so after we are finished here we will go change and then go to his house."

"Ok I think we should bring extra food knowing Niall." Jade said

"Yeah that is probably a good idea." I agreed

We shopped in cute little shops and then went to get the snacks. We all came home with basically a whole new wardrobe.

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