Turn Your Face

Description in first chappie


7. The Date

Perrie's POV:

Ding Dong! I heard my doorbell ring he must be here. I opened the door to see Zayn standing at my door." Hi" I said

"Hey Pezza"

"How are you?"

"Good how are you?"

"I'm doing great"I said,"come in."


"So what do you have planned?"

"I told you it's a surprise"

"Oh yeah I forgot"

"So shall we get going?"

"Yeah let's go"

"Ok but first you have to put this blindfold on"

" ok"

I let him put the blindfold on and he led me to the car. The car ride was full of chatter and singing obnoxiously to our music.

" we're here" he said

"Oo can I take off the blindfold"

"Not quite yet"

He led me out of the car and we started walking.

"Ok you can take the blindfold off now!"

I took the blindfold off to be met by a picnic on the beach!

"Wow!" I said speechless

"The girls told me this was your dream date"

"Yeah it is"

"Shall we"

"We shall" I giggled at his gentleman attempts.

We sat on the picnic blanket and ate our fish and chips under the stars. "Perrie can I tell you something?"

"Yeah sure"

"Well I wanted to tell you that I have liked you for a long time now,and I was so nervous for tonight, but now I feel stupid for being nervous because this has turned out to be a great night"

"Really you like me?"I asked "this is great I like you too and I was really nervous you wouldn't like me."



" so my next question is Perrie will you be my girlfriend?"




"So what now?"

"We'll you are still forgetting one part"

"Oh yeah"

We leaned in close to each other, our faces just inches apart. Finally our lips touched and I felt fireworks go off and not just in my imagination there were actual fireworks over our heads! This was the most amazing date ever!

After the fireworks we walked to the car and he drove me home. I didn't want this night to end it was perfect. When we got to my house he walked me to the door and we kissed and fireworks went off this time in my head.

"Bye" he said

"Bye I'll text you later"

"Okay bye"

This was by far the best day of my life besides winning the x-factor.

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