Turn Your Face

Description in first chappie


5. Celebrating

Perrie's POV:

After the results the girls and I decided to have a celebration. The celebration included Little Mix, Tulisa, junk food, and movies. The celebration was at Jade and I's flat. We set up a giant pit of blankets and pillows in our living room. We had soda and crisps in the middle of us recalled memories and made jokes. We were all laughing when I heard my phone vibrate.

Z= Zayn

P= Perrie

Z: Hey Pez congrats on the win!

P: thanks we are having a celebration at me and Jade's flat with Tulisa.

Z: Cool so I wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out tomorrow?

P: sure where?

Z: it's a surprise I will pick you up at 6?

P: sure sounds good

Z: ok I will let you get back to celebrating see you tomorrow bye

P: bye

"Ooooo Perrie who are you texting?" Jade cooed

" I bet she was texting Zayn!" Jesy exclaimed

" She totally us look at her blush!" They all said in unison

I tried to hide my blush but it didn't work.

"Jade can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Sure Pez"

I took Jade into my bedroom to tell her that Zayn was picking me up tomorrow to go somewhere and she flipped out!

" Pez are you serious?"


"Ok well I am helping you get ready tomorrow for your date!"

"It isn't a date I don't even think he likes me"

"Pez he just asked you to go somewhere with him he totally likes you!"

"Ok whatever you say let's go back to the celebration."

"Ok I am so excited!"

We went back downstairs and continued to celebrate our victory on the X-Factor. I was so nervous for tomorrow.

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