Turn Your Face

Description in first chappie


9. Breaking the News

Perrie's POV

After the girls and I finished putting our clothes away we started to get ready. I hopped in the shower and put my iPod on shuffle. While I was washing up and singing my music I heard a song that I didn't know I had. I looked at what it was and the playlist said " Zaynie's playlist" it consisted of almost all love songs and I couldn't help but blush. I got out of the shower and picked out a new outfit I decided on a high waisted black skirt with a hot pink crop top. I curled my hair loosely and pinned it back. I did some light makeup and then put everything in the car. " Girls hurry up we're gunna be late!" I said " We're coming Pez!" I got the keys threw on some black flats and we all drove to Zayn's house. When we got to the house I knocked on the door and I saw Zayn's beautiful brown eyes. "Hey Zayn" I said while blushing. "Hi Pez" There they go again I always get butterflies around him I just can't help it. We went in the house and said hi to all the lads. "So lads as you may know these lovely ladies are Hade Jesy Leigh-Anne and Perrie." "Hi guys!" They sang in unison. I've met these cheeky lads before on the X-Factor but not for very long. Before I was about to reply I heard Zayn whisper in my ear. He told me he wanted to break the news to them right away so when we watched movies we could cuddle on the couch. I started blushing like crazy so we decided now was the time. "So Zayn and I wanted to tell you all something." "We are together and we are very happy." We both said in unison. I was waiting for a response but it was silent.

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