Turn Your Face

Description in first chappie


3. Bold Move

Zayn's POV

"Hey Zayn what's up?" Niall asked

"Oh nothing much" I said being snapped out of my thoughts.

"Yeah ok Zayn I know when something's up with you."

"Ok Ni fine you know Perrie from Little Mix?"


"Well I think I like her more than just a friend"

"Oooooo Zaynie has a crush on Perrie!"

"Niall! I didn't want you to announce it to the whole world!"

"Sorry Zayn, so what are you going to do?"

"I think I'm going to ask for her number."

"Yes yes yes you are going to ask for her number right NOW!"

"Ok ok I'm going wish me luck!"

Perrie's POV

After the girls and I hugged I felt someone tap my arm."Oh hi Zayn!" I said

"Hi Perrie you did great out there!"


"Your welcome"

"So where are the other boys?"

"Over there I wanted to come over and get to know you better"

"Oh ok what do you want to know?"

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?"

"Yeah sure that would be great"

"Ok can I have your number?"


We exchanged numbers and he told me he would pick me up at 6. I can't believe i am going on a date with Zayn Malik!!!!!

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