Nialls Girl

Kayla run away from her very abusive dad. Will she meet Niall Horan.


2. Wait he is NIALL HORAN!


                                         Nialls pov



              We walked to my place my sis was out of state with her friends so I figured she could sleep in there. I told my mum the situation and she was cool with it.



                                                    KAYLAS POV

                                        As he led me to my room I think I remembered him. He left me in my room to settle down. ''OMFG he is Niall Horan from 1D!my friend loved him!'' I said to myself.

 I heard a knock. ''Come in'' I said. Niall popped his head in. ''Hey I didn't get to introduce my self'' he said. ''I know who you are Niall'' I said. '' oh ok'' he said. ''my friend well she was my friend loves you'' I said. ''listen I have to go to band practice with the boys and do  you want to stay here or come with me'' he said. ''uhhmmm ill stay here but thanks'' I replied. ''ok then I geuss I will see you later'' he kissed me on the cheek and left the room. I fell asleep whenhe got back.

                                  NIALLS POV

               I got back to my house and I walked into Kaylas room I saw that she was sleeping so I let her be. ''She is so beutiful''I said to myself as I walked out the door. ''Dinner is ready when you want it hun'' I heard my mum say from the kitchen. I walk down stairs and ate my philly cheese stake sandwithch.



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