Nialls Girl

Kayla run away from her very abusive dad. Will she meet Niall Horan.


1. The big news

                                                 Kayla's Pov

  As I was sitting in my room when I heard my dad call ''Kayla come here''i heard him shout from the living room.I went down stairs. ''where were you last night'' He asked. ''I was in my room studying'' I replied in a scared voice. ''DONT YOU LIE'' he yelled and punched me in the face. Then the doorbell rang I was so glad to hear that because ever since my mom died he took his anger out on me. I sneaked up stairs grabbed my emergency money and emergency bag. I heard my dad yelling and heard footsteps getting closer to my room I quickly looked for a way but, there was only 1 way out I had to drop out of my window on the 3rd floor. I ran into a dark alley. All I could see was black no light. It seemed that I walked for miles. I went into a nice neighborhood big houses.



                                                 Niall's pov


                       I woke up smelling fresh eggs and bacon. I quickly hopped out of bed and realized that I had to go meet up with the boys for practice. So I got freshened up and went down stairs. My mum was up and watching TV. ''Eggs and bacon are on the counter'' she said. ''No thanks mum I replied and walked out the door. I decided to walk to a nearby park. As I was walking I saw a girl. She looked sad so I decided to go meet her. ''Hi whats your name '' I asked

''Kayla ''she replied.''Whats wrong'' I asked. ''I don't have anywhere to go'' she said ''you can come with me'' I said.



                                                  Kaylas pov


                                      im not sure what his name was but I thought he was pretty cute.'' I don't want to take up your space'' I said. ''oh you won't he said. ''ok'' I said. He took me to his house and it was pretty nice. But I was still under a lot of pressure from my dad. ''I knew I saw him from somewhere whether it was a poster or youtube I just felt like I knew him.

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