Nialls Girl

Kayla run away from her very abusive dad. Will she meet Niall Horan.


3. Meeting the boys


                                                  KAYLAS POV

         I woke up at 7:00,and went to the bathroom to get freshened up. when I got out of the shower I got changed and went downstairs. I saw Niall sitting on the couch. '' hey'' I said. '' morning'' he said.


                                      NIALLS POV


                                  ''so what do want to do today?'' I asked. I really don't know'' she said. ''How about we go introduce you to the boys?''


''Ok'' she replied

 So I grabbed the car keys and we met up with them at a restraunt.





This is a very short chapter because I have had a LOT!! of school work to do lately. So that is why I have been un active .But spring break is coming up on March 14. So on Friday I will have some time to be on. I cant write during weekends because I go to my moms and I do not have my computer with me. So keep reading I will publish more soon! BAI!!!                  

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