Forgetting Him

*READ DRESSING UP OR DRESSING DOWN FIRST* Second in the series. I'm not going to blurb about this. You want to know? Then read it!! :P


2. Chapter Two

I sighed and put my phone on the bed. Quickly I changed out of my clothes and climbed into bed with only my underwear on. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t have the strength to do anything. I curled up and just let the tears flow until I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up a few hours later from a door being opened somewhere in the house. I sat up rubbing my eyes and quietly walked through the house. Every door was closed except the one leading to the study. Carefully I tiptoed to the open door and peaked around the corner. I had to hold back a shriek when someone grabbed me from behind and held his hand over my mouth. There was more than one person in my house that I didn’t know! I started panicking.

“Scream and we will kill you.” A voice rumbled from behind me. “Now where is it?”


Author's Note:

Okay so I just felt like I needed to give you this bit of a filler. But oooohhhhhh cliffhanger! Who do you think is in her house?? Please guess! I'll reply to your comments saying yay or nay. Plus, you know these people! *HINT* it's four very attractive young men :P So thanks to Louis' Little Carrot! for being the first to comment! And of course xxMiaBabexx for being the first to fav! Thank you guys so far! 

For next update: 2 comments. It's easy!

Robz xxx

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