Forgetting Him

*READ DRESSING UP OR DRESSING DOWN FIRST* Second in the series. I'm not going to blurb about this. You want to know? Then read it!! :P


11. Chapter Ten

“Who you talking to Nialler?” I heard him ask. Niall looked at me and back to where I suppose Louis was.

“Mel..” he said softly and for a second all I saw was a white ceiling and heard numerous yelps and thuds. I sighed waiting for them to remember about me. When they finally got settled, I saw both Louis and Niall joined by Liam. I frowned not expecting Liam to have joined them. For a mere second I thought about were Harry might be, but it left just as quick as it came. My heart fluttered when I saw Louis. He was still as handsome as I remembered, if not more. His hair was perfectly styled and his eyes the bluest of blues. They seemed to be twinkling in the soft glow coming off the cellphone. I was struggling to hold back my tears and was nervously pulling on my snakebites causing my lip to twitch. It was becoming a bad habit of mine.

“OMG, Melody..” Louis breathed and I saw him take a closer look.

“Mel, are those piercings?” Liam asked.

“Yeah, actually they are.” I replied confidently. Louis seemed to smirk making my heart want to fall out of my chest. Niall frowned and whacked him.

“I like it.” Liam smiled.

“Mind telling me where you’ve been?” I asked swallowing my tears. They seemed to shift uncomfortably on what I’m guessing was someone’s bed. They looked from one another, but didn’t say a word. I was growing impatient.

“For fuck’s sake, would someone speak up?” I growled.

“We can’t tell you, Melody.” Louis said looking down.

“Ugh, I’ve heard that enough for one day.” I sighed rolling my eyes. “Bye guys.” But before I hung up, I saw a single glistening line run down Louis’ cheek. He was crying?  I shook the image out of my mind and ended the call. I let the phone drop onto my lap and put my face in my hands. The tears were welling up again and I let them flow. I knew Jane was still downstairs with Lou and I really didn’t want to stress them out. So I did what I could. I curled up and willed myself to sleep.


I was lounging on a towel on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The sun was beating down on the snow white sand and everything was peaceful as the waves crashed on the shore. Everything was perfect. I was looking out over the ocean when I saw a person emerge from the water. I lowered my sunglasses to get a better look. My mouth hung open when I saw that Luke was jogging towards me. Droplets of water running down his torso and disappearing under the band of his trunks. I swear it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I bit my lip watching him come up to me. He shook his head making drops of water fly my way and his hair sticking up messily. He got down on top of me and started kissing down my jaw. My skin tingled wherever he touched. This seemed surreal, but I wasn’t letting this moment pass. With new found confidence I flipped us over kissing him in the process. He deepened the kiss pulling me into the ecstasy that was Luke Hemmings. That was only until I pulled away to see that it was no longer Luke who I was making out with, but Harry. I tried to scream, but no sound came from my mouth. He grinned up wickedly at me.

“I’ve come for you, Melody.” He growled. His eyes a blazing red. I tried scrambling to my feet, but he was faster. He grabbed my waist pinning me to the ground. My hands were pinned above my head in a vicelike grip. I struggled beneath him, but he was on top of me. I tried to scream again my eyes shutting tight with my attempt. Nothing again. I felt a sharp pain in my neck causing my eyes to fly wide open. The face before me wasn’t Harry’s anymore. It shifted again and this time… this time it was Louis who was staring down at me. His blue eyes sad. His mouth ringed with red. Only then did I realise what was happening. Harry had bitten me and Louis.. he was going to suck me dry!

I screamed bolting upright in bed. My breathing was ragged and a sheen of sweat covered me from head to toe. I was looking around the room frantically when Jane came bursting through the door.

“Are you okay?!” she asked coming over to me.

“I’m.. fine. Just a nightmare I guess.” I sighed laying back down. She looked down at me making sure I wasn’t lying before joining me under the covers.

“Sleep well Mel.” She whispered before I heard her breathing deepen. It took me a while before I could even think about sleeping again. I got up slowly, trying not wake her and tiptoed downstairs. I sighed flipping on the floor lamp in the corner of the living room. There was an eerie glow as soon as the switch got flipped. Luke was fast asleep on one of the couches. I felt bad for him. He gave up his bed and flat to stay with Jane and I until the boys returned. He was curled up in his skinny jeans and cut off tank top. His arm supporting his head. I felt even worse seeing him like this. I padded back upstairs for only a second, grabbing an extra cosy blanket and my pillow, before heading back down. It wasn’t exactly a warm summer night and by the way he was curled up on himself told me he was freezing.

“Luke..” I whispered. No response. “Hey Lukey..”

“Hmm…?” he murmured.

“Lift your head.” I said softly. He did as I asked and I plopped the pillow under his head. He took a deep breath and was instantly back asleep. Not that he really was awake before. Gently I tucked the blanket around him making sure he was covered properly. I smiled when he cuddled into it like a child. I couldn’t help but picture him as a baby. I kissed his forehead and sat down on the couch opposite his. There wasn’t much I could do. I was afraid to go back to sleep and I was scared of waking Luke if I turned the TV on. I could just go for a walk around the garden. So that’s what I did. I slipped into my pikachu onesie and slippers before slipping out the door. It was two in the morning and it was peaceful out. A light breeze blew through the willow tree. The little lights along the pathway made the garden seem magical as always. I sat down at the pond looking down into the water. I didn’t recognise the person staring back at me, because she sure as hell wasn’t me. I didn’t recognise myself. The dark circles and the pale skin. It just wasn’t me. Guess that’s what stress does to you. I sighed letting the hood fall around my shoulders, the wind making my hair whip around my face.  It intensified and when I looked down I saw my mother.

“Mum?” I whispered not believing this for a second. I probably fell asleep on the couch and this was another dream. It had to be.

“Melody.. My dear Melody.. look how big you’ve gotten..” she said her voice sounding far away. She had a small smile on her pale face as she looked at me with her eyes sparkling like the stars above.

“Is it... is it really you?” I asked.

“It’s me Mel..”

“I can’t believe it. What is this?” I asked looking more closely in the pond.

“Mel, you have a gift... my daughter you have to protect yourself…from the evil of the world..” she started. “You are open minded… and therefore you have been given this gift of yours.. you are the key... Melody.. you are the only hope in this war..”

“Key? Evil of the world? War? Mum, I’m not sure I follow..” I said confused. What did she mean I’m the key?

“I can’t stay much longer... they’ll know I warned you.. please.. stay safe.. you can trust Luke..” she said her image starting to fade.

“No! Wait! Mum please! I don’t understand!” I yelled at the now gone image. I was crying by the time it sank in that she was gone. I didn’t understand this. How was I a key? I didn’t look like a key. I didn’t know what to do. I ran back to the house and went to the kitchen. I couldn’t go upstairs, Jane was asleep in my bed. I couldn’t go to the living room, Luke was asleep there. The kitchen wasn’t the safest place, but it had coffee. And that’s what I did for the rest of the night. Drink coffee and sneakily watch Luke sleeping.



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