Forgetting Him

*READ DRESSING UP OR DRESSING DOWN FIRST* Second in the series. I'm not going to blurb about this. You want to know? Then read it!! :P


5. Chapter Five

“What do you think?” Jake asked holding a mirror before me.

“I love it.” I winked at him smiling a little. “How much do I owe you?”

“On the house.” He said waving it off. “You’re a good friend so really don’t worry about it.”

“Thank you Jake.” I hugged him.

“No problem Mel.” He chuckled. “Anything for you today, Luke?”

“Hm? Oh, no. I just brought her to get pierced that’s all.” Luke said sounding out of it again.

“OH MY GOD!” I heard three voices scream from outside. It didn’t stop anytime soon either.

We ran outside and saw Ashton in a tree. He was pretty high up and couldn’t get down again.

“What the hell are you doing Ash!” Luke yelled up at him.

“Nothing!” Ashton yelled back. “I can’t get down though.”

“Call the fire department.” Jake said.

“No, I got this.” I mumbled and stalked towards the tree.

“Melody what the fuck do you think you’re doing!” Calum screamed. Ignoring him, I gripped a branch of the tree and pulled myself onto it. I started climbing up to where Ashton was stuck, numerous yells coming from the ground for me to get out of tree. I finally reached him and took a brief glance down. I was right when I said high. The boys on the ground seemed tiny from up here. I took a deep breath and starting leading a silent Asthon back to the ground. I let him go before me and told him where to step. I was at the last few branches, when my foot slipped. I held onto the branch, but felt the bark cutting into the palms of my hands. I bit into my arm to keep from letting go or yelling out. I could hear the screams and yells to hold on, but the pain in my hands was too overwhelming. I couldn't hold on any longer and let go.

Author's note:

Just had to use the opportunity to end with a cliffhanger XD. What do you think is going to happen next?? Tell me in the comments beloooooowwwww! Don't forget to like, fav and maybe even fan! 

Robz xxx

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