Forgetting Him

*READ DRESSING UP OR DRESSING DOWN FIRST* Second in the series. I'm not going to blurb about this. You want to know? Then read it!! :P


12. Chapter Eleven

“Are you sure you’re all right?” Luke asked when he saw me on the couch that morning.

“I told you I’m fine.” I said reassuringly, but I didn’t believe myself so why would he?

“Have you had any sleep at all?” he asked again.

“Actually I haven’t been able to fall back asleep since two.”

“Why didn’t you wake me, M?” he asked sighing. I just shrugged, but I knew why I didn’t. He was too cute when he was asleep. “What’s troubling you?”

“Nothing Luke.” I sighed leaning my head back against the couch.

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I can’t talk about it now. Not with Jane here.” I finally sighed.

“She’s still asleep, right? So how about we go out for coffee and we talk about this?”  he offered.

“Luke, if you don’t mind, I really don’t want to talk about it yet.”

“You sure?”

“What’s with all the questions!” I snapped. His eyes widened slightly, but he just shook his head and held his hands up. “Sorry Luke. I’m sure. Thank you for asking though.” I sighed wrapping my fingers tighter around the warmth in my hands.

“Don’t be sorry.” With that he moved next to me and pulled me into a hug. “Whenever you want to talk, I’m here. You can trust me.”

“That’s what she said too.” I mumbled.

“She who?” he asked softly.

“My mother. I saw her this morning in the pond in the garden.” I sighed looking down at the almost white coffee.

“You spoke with her?” he stiffened at the mention of seeing her.

“Barely, but yes I did.” I frowned up at him questioningly. “She said something about a key and war and that I could trust you.” 

“She’s right about you being able to trust me though.” He said looking down at me. “The rest I cannot explain to you yet.”

I didn’t say anything after that. Yes, I was confused. And yes Luke said he’d explain when he had the chance. So all I had to do was wait. Patience was the key here.

“I… I spoke to the guys..” I hesitated.

“Oh, really? What happened?” he seemed taken completely off guard.

“Well… Niall actually called Jane and I happened to pick up the phone, but they can’t tell me where they are. Liam said he likes the snakebites though and Louis was there too. Zayn and Harry was off somewhere else.” I explained trying not to think too much about Louis and that smirk of his.

“Don’t worry, Melody. They’ll be back as soon as everything is sorted out.” He smiled reassuringly. I nodded hoping what he had said was true. “Hey, was that your phone vibrating? Or should I be worried?”

“My phone.. definitely.” I said my eyes wide. Quickly slipping my phone out of my pocket, I speed read the text.


From: Loueh<3

M, please don’t be mad at me.. I wanted to tell you, I swear.

I never wanted to hurt you. You mean the world to me.

Mel, if I could I would call you, but Niall already got in trouble for

the FaceTime thing. They’re suspicious now. Please Melody…

Don’t scare me like that ever again! You’re worth so much more

than you could ever know. I can’t lose you. I *some text missing* you.. xoxo


“Louis?” Luke asked. I nodded trying to keep the tears from spilling. Why did there have to be text missing?! He what? Hates me? Loves me? Misses me? God! It was so frustrating!

“So… that’s how it’s going to be from now on I guess.” I sighed wiping at the corners of my eyes.

“And how is that?”

“Texts and a lot of words. Empty words on an LCD screen.”

“You can’t know for certain that they are empty Melody. It’s like a song. To some people it’s just a catchy tune or something to get stuck in their head, but for other people who listen closer, it could be the one thing giving them new hope. A reason to hold on and try one more time.”

“So it’s like that one quote? You call it demonic because you hear screaming, but I call it lifesaving because I hear meaning?” I asked slightly confused but seeing where he was heading with this.

“Exactly. Now be a good girl and reply the lad.” He chuckled and I typed away at the screen.


To: Loueh<3

I can’t lie to you and say that I’m not hurt, because I am.

Louis, you left after you promised to be my distraction. And

quite honestly I don’t even really want to talk to you right now.

But I still love you, as wrong as that might be, because you have

El who I really don’t want to hurt. She’s been nice to me. But I

can’t help feeling these things Lou… I love you for fuck’s sake!


“Well played.” Luke said looking down at my phone.

“You shouldn’t be looking at my convos mister Hemmings.” I said punching his shoulder.

“Sorry, sorry!” he laughed averting his gaze as my phone buzzed.


From: Loueh<3

Thank you for talking to me anyway. I know I was a complete idiot.

That’s why I asked Niall’s friends and our opening act to stay and

keep an eye on you. Honestly the 5SOS lads are really trustworthy.

P.S. I love those snakebites of yours. Can’t wait to see you xoxo


“What does Lou mean with ‘can’t wait to see you’?” I asked Luke.

“Oh, we’re supposed to be meeting up with them in America for a tour. Opening act and all. So Lou will have to go and seeing as you’re her newest student and best one at that, you’ll be assisting her.” Luke said looking at the time.

“Have to be somewhere?” I asked intrigued.

“Yeah. Recording studio in a few minutes.” He sighed.

“Oh, that’s nice. We’ll probably head in to town as soon as Jane awakens from her slumber.” I giggled and covered my mouth.

“Cute.” He smiled removing my hand. “Don’t be shy of your giggles.”

“Shuttup... You should get going.” I smiled giving him a slight nudge towards the door.

“I’m going, I’m going.” He laughed. “I know when I’m not wanted.”

“Heyyyyy! Don’t twist my words now! See you later Luke.” I yelled after him as he walked out of the door laughing.

It was nice having Luke around. He was different than the others. Well, he was a completely different race than the others. Which was still confusing to me. Luke really just had that effect on me. But Louis… what was the deal with him?

“What’s all the noise down here?” Jane grumbled plopping down on a couch.

“Hm?” I asked confused.

“I heard talking and laughing.”

“Oh, yeah. Luke and I was just fooling around.” I shrugged.

“Fooling around? On the rebound cousin.” She smirked.

“God no. We’re just friends. Promise.” I reassured her. “Want to get dressed and then head out to the mall?”

“Yeah, sure. Where we gonna go after that?”

“No idea. We could go to a park or something? Surprise the guys at the studio? Anything really.”

“Let’s just see how we feel after the mall. Are you gonna change?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.” 

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