Forgetting Him

*READ DRESSING UP OR DRESSING DOWN FIRST* Second in the series. I'm not going to blurb about this. You want to know? Then read it!! :P


9. Chapter Eight

I woke up several hours later from familiar voices coming from the hall. I sat up rubbing my eyes and glared at the door. They were bound to come in here sooner or later. But I didn't want to see them. I looked around for Luke, but he wasn't there. He promised. I sighed. It wasn't like I wasn't used to promises being broken. I stared at the window playing with the sheet in my hand. I heard the door crack open and looked over at the person I wanted to see the least. Jane walked over to my bed and looked at me like I was about to be murdered. Luke followed after her and pulled a chair up for her.

"What are you doing here Jane?" I asked.

"You're grandparents asked me to come stay with you for a while. Seeing as school's done for now." she sighed taking a seat.

"But I'm staying with Luke.." I said looking to him.

"We're going back to the house after you get discharged. The rest of the guys are going to stay here and I'll stay with you two so you're not alone." he said smiling at me.

"That's not necessary Luke.. you've already done a lot.." I said looking down.

"We've talked about this enough already." Jane said sounding a little bit angry. "As soon as you're ready to leave, we're heading home." 

I nodded. It was all I could do with my cousin glaring daggers at me. I was surprised that my grandparents weren’t here. Maybe they weren’t called. I yawned as sleep tried overtaking me again.

"Mel you need to sleep. You'll feel better." Luke said from the foot of my bed.

"I can't. I fall asleep and as soon as you leave I wake up again." I said barely audible. I saw Jane do a kind of 'aw' face, but chose to ignore it. I didn't meet Luke's gaze, because I couldn't decide if it was sadness or just something I didn't know, but it wasn't something I was used to.

"We'll be here the whole time." Jane reassured me. I nodded and let sleep consume me.


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