a true friend

A new girl arrives at Hogwarts, the sorting hat states that she is " controlling a beast within". nobody talks to her except to tease her and make fun of her. the only people that have been nice are Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


3. Starting school

    melody's p.o.v:


         I have never been to school before so this is interesting. I wanted to go to school so bad I might have "controlled" other peoples minds to get here but, now there's no going back.



       My first class is with a professor Snape. potion class, yay I love making potions.



     [in the class]


    "hello professor Snape. my name is Melody. im new, and im looking forward to your class." said Melody as all the other kids started laughing.

  " well this year is not gonna go very well, apparently I've already made fun of myself in front of the whole class." thought melody, who was on the verge of tears already.



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