a true friend

A new girl arrives at Hogwarts, the sorting hat states that she is " controlling a beast within". nobody talks to her except to tease her and make fun of her. the only people that have been nice are Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


2. Melody

its the middle of Harrys third year of Hogwarts. A new girl comes, her name is Melody. she is a very talented wizard, she doesn't even have to say a spell out loud. all she has to do is think of the spell she wants and it happens.


Melody is very shy, that's what she thinks is part of the reason that she doesn't have to say the spells out loud. But, she is also a "gifted singer" as every adult that hears her sing says. But hardly anyone  hears her sing.


Melody's secret is that she has werewolves for  parents. But, Melody is different she can control the wolf inside her instead of having it control her. she is afraid of what everybody will do once they know what she is.



Melody is also cursed with a "talent". She can control anybody's mind with her singing.

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