a true friend

A new girl arrives at Hogwarts, the sorting hat states that she is " controlling a beast within". nobody talks to her except to tease her and make fun of her. the only people that have been nice are Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


5. Love potion

  [ roughly 23 minutes later]

  Melody's p.o.v. :

     I was almost done with the potion when all the sudden some boy with blond hair and a evil smile "accidently" knocked over some ingredients near me. I was so scared I screamed and Snape yelled at me, but I got the potion finished with a A+. in fact he didn't even teach his class how to make a love potion yet.



   Harry's p.o.v. :

   so, there was this new girl, she looks nice but, also very shy. but, Snape was testing her on something even we didn't know and that's not fair. But she looked like she knew what she was doing. Malfoy is so stupid he tried to knock the wrong ingredients into the cauldron that the new girl was using. But at the end she looked like se was going to barf.

        Snape introduced her as Melody. and she gets to sit next to me.

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