a true friend

A new girl arrives at Hogwarts, the sorting hat states that she is " controlling a beast within". nobody talks to her except to tease her and make fun of her. the only people that have been nice are Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


7. gryffandor

               Melody's diary:

    "its been about two months since I came to Hogwarts but, the only people who talk to me without being forced to (besides Dumbledore) are Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They are all nice but, I think Harry forces them to talk to me. apparently am brave and strong so, I get to go to Gryffindor. I don't feel strong or brave. I just want to be normal to not have a wolf trying to excape from inside me,and to not control people with my voice, I love to sing but, whenever I sing a song about doing something the people around me start doing whatever that is. I HATE MY SO-CALLED "POWER" THAT EVERYBODY SAYS I HAVE! I JUST WANT TO BE A NORMAL WIZARD FOR ONCE! oops I've never said anything like that before........... well its getting late I have to sleep. speaking of which, all the other girls moved there beds all together away from mine, well except Hermione  shes being nice but, she seems kind of stuck-up. only harry is actually being nice to me, not because he feels sorry for me but, because he actually wants to be friends I think."

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