2. Chapter 2

I open my eyes and see a very attractive boy he was sleeping in the couch with a black hodie that cover his head so I can't see his face properly, i clear my throat so he can wake up and explain hoe the Fudge i am in a hospital! "Eh hem" he splat up on both of his foot and look shocked at me. When I saw his face I notice he look so a like the boy that I saw in my dream.

He had something withe cover around his head and the same cover his right hand. What actually happen last night. The boy walk to me and was now standing in front of me. I see he curly hair and green eyes how cute. "Hi, how You feeling" he whisper to me with a smile, omg he has dimple more cute and did i ention that he was attctive? Yeah i did but i like to say it again. Sometime i Wonder how i got the crazyness from... Not my om mot dad or dad. I never meet him before and I don't need to I enjoy my life without a dad.

Back to the boy he was now dancing in front of me look like a fool " what the fuck are you doing?" I asked him "oh now you decided to come back to the Earth" how dear he to use sarcasm at me fudge him. I just roll my eyes at his sarcasm "but who is you" I asked again "Harry" "Harry who?" Harry Styles" he gave me a wink " eeehhh I don't mean to be mean but I don't know some one named Harry and defiantly not Harry Styles" I said he look sad " oh you don't know me" "Oh No Shit" I spat at him this boy is stupid

"So is you" did I say it out loud? "yes" "Stup reading my mind" I jelled at him now he is afraid of me he should be! "Stup? And I don't reading you mind cutie, you said it out loud" stupid mouth " mind to tell me who the fuck you are?" "Language pretty" he is getting on my nerve"stop call me name and explain" he put his hand up and sat down on the couch and I sat up on my bed " we meet at the party tree weeks ago, me you, Elle and my friend was in our car and one of my friend was drunk but we all was and we was In car accident" he stopped and breath" long story short you was in coma in tree weeks and we have our time plan how's gonna watch you and today was my lucky day and we all survived" wow was all I can think! Just wow did I sleep so long?

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