1. Chapter 1

🌹It is unclear. There is something white that is indistinct. I'm not sure what I see. There is only black, the I can see withe. The first thing I thought was whether I was in heaven or not! The last thing I remember was that I saw a bright light to me while I was driving home at night! It was a very bright light that sone me out the it all went black

I felt the wind and rocks or something, That's what I remember. I see a girl. I think, she or he had something white on her and a long blond stuff from the top down to half her. I tried and concentrate a bit so I see a girl with long blonde hair full of blood. And a t-shirt full of blood marks and hand pressure of blood.

But now it was not white anymore. We're in a forest! It's dark, it's wet and I knew that there was something wet and hot I was lying on. I see that it flashes something blue and red light, I hear her screaming something but I can't hear her proper. So it was dark and I felt it hit something high. After that I woke up I hear many differing voice say something, but still I can not hear it properly

"Rose! Rose please don't leave me" The voice I've heard it before. I do not know where I heard it, but there is something familiar about it. I feel someones arms shaking on my right arm. It's a boy. He came as a God. His green eyes light up his perfect dark hair with his full looking rose red lips. I see that he doesn't look happy or sad. Look more confused, desperately but mostly afraid

Why is he afraid? And why can't I se properly? My eyes start to darkener more and more till I can't see any more and was greaten by darkness. I looked around and everything was just white. It was a white bench beside me. And on the left side of it there was a white long-stan and Therese was a buss stop.

I sat down on the bench. I sat there a long time. I looked down at the white dress that covered half the thigh. There was some slight color to it. Rose, Blue,Yellow and white. I hear someone laughing. I hear music and shooting. I exalts fireworks. A girl screaming. Someone who beats each other someone crying what? What is happening? Why I'm here? Why doesn't I see some one! What the fuck?

Then i see a boy and a girl inside a room completely alone and lies in a bed. He lay on the girl and smiled at her and she smiled back. "Do you love me" he asked "cause I love you Rose, I love you more than any thing" he also added then i just se withe again and hear voices "Heeey Rose wants to com to my party tonight?" A boy voice said "Rose comon " a girl voice jelled "Rooooosssssseee" I hear children voices whisper to me "Roooohoossee" the keep whisper the name to me

"Roooseee wake up! Wake up Rose" still whispering creepy to me. All the sounds are collected and going faster and faster. I covered my eyes with my hands that I would not hear it. It was quicker and higher. The more it went up the more I get headaches. " please make it stop" I said "please" now I was yelling " please" I whisper then it al went black

I opens my eyes and see nothing else than just white. The wall the floor and even the bedsheets I was lying on. I am in a hospital? What happen? I tried to sit up but I couldn't cause if I did it I'll just get greaten back with pain from my arms and stomach. The fuck?

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