What He Was (ON HOLD)

He was a genius. He was an A plus student. He knew things that no one else discovered. Then.. He was bullied. He was humiliated. He was my best friend. He was my saver when I was his. He was my love. But.. That's just... What he was.


4. Welcome


Shaelyn’s POV

I sat there on my bed writing songs in my notebook. I mumbled a few ideas to myself. “If I could just die, in your arms. I wouldn’t mind, cause everytime you touch me I just die in your arms.” No that doesn’t sound right. Buzz!! I looked over at my night stand to see that I had a text. I rolled over and grabbed my iphone. I slid the lock across and read the message.

From: Chazzie

Are you coming back to school tomorrow?


To: Chazzie

From: Shae-Shae

Yes I am. Modeling is on hold for awhile.

I’ve been modeling for plenty companies ever since I was a wee little baby. I also sing. I was signed by Scooter Braun about a year ago. I’ve been working on new songs ever since.

From: Chazzie

I’ve really missed you Shaelyn.



To: Chazzie

From: Shae-Shae

Aww. I’ll never miss you.


Okay that may seem a little harsh but it’s true. And either way we joke around all the time.

From: Chazzie

Well thanks Shae. I have to go now. See you tomorrow.


To: Chazzie

From: Shae-Shae

Bye Chessie! LOL


And after that I continued writing. “I can’t help it I’m just selfish, if there’s no way that I can have you.” No, no erase that crap. I’ll never get this done.

                              *Next Morning*

I woke up with papers crumbled up around me. I never finished the song. I got up and threw the unuseful papers in trash. I grabbed my phone off of the night stand and looked at the time.


I’m late for school. Crap! I quickly picked out an outfit in the closet and threw it on the bed. I put my phone on the charger and went to take a shower.

After I finished I got dressed and looked at my dresser to see a note. I walked over and grabbed it. It read:

Goodmorning Shaelyn,

I know that you’ve overslept this morning. That’s fine. Just make sure you make it to school today. I made you breakfast, it’s downstairs on the counter. Have a wonderful day. ~Mom xx

That’s what I love about my mom. She’d never care wither I go to school or not. But she understands that I have a somewhat busy life so whatever.

After I got my stuff ready and gathered I walked downstairs and ate breakfast. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and sat down. All of a sudden my dog Belle ran over and jumped on the table. “Hey Belle.” I began rubbing her snow like fur as she brushed up against me. “I have to go to school now. Okay?” I told her. She jumped off the table and ran to the front door.

I put the empty dish in the sink and grabbed my bag and car keys. I walked towards the door and bent down and patted Belle. “See ya later lovely.” Then I left.


I got to the school where I was greeted by my best friends Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers. They actually started me. I was sitting in my car reading tweets when I heard a loud tapping on the window. I jumped and turned to look. And there I saw Chaz and Ryan smiling at me. I flicked them off and got out of the car.

“Welcome back Shae!” Ryan said with his arms wide open. I giggled and smacked his arm. “I’m happy to be here I guess…” I responded. “Are you ready for class? Even though you already skipped a few hours..” Chaz reassured me. I rolled my eyes and began walking into the school. “Shut it Somers..”


I sat there in class writing songs in my notebook when I felt someone smack the back of my head. “OW!” All eyes were directed on me. I smiled and brushed it off. I turned around in my seat and there my best friend Lacey had a smirk plastered on her face. “What was that for?!” I asked. She giggled “Stop writing songs! In plus we’re about to take a test and you’re not even listening to the teacher review for us.” She said. I growled and threw my notebook under the desk. I looked forward and intertwined my fingers together. I smiled. “Better?” I mumbled under my breath. “Wonderful.” Lacey said patting my shoulder. I smacked her hand off and paid attention to Mrs.Williams. “Okay class so today we’ll be having a new student joining our class. He’s a little shy so, be nice.” She reassured us. Everyone started snickering. Lacey patted on my back so I turned around and looked at her. “What?” I asked. “What do you think he looks like? Tall, short, scrawny, buff!” She said excitedly. I laughed at her stupidness.

Then this boy walked in the room. He had on a purple plaid shirt with some jeans and glasses. I’d have to admit he was pretty cute. He just stood there looking around. Most of the people in the room were laughing at him. I just slouched down in my seat. “Now class this is our new student Justin Bieber. He transferred here from Canada.” Mrs.Williams told us. Mrs.Williams began looking around the room. “Now is there somewhere that Justin here can sit?” Eveyone just sat there. I like the good person I am raised my hand.

“Shaelyn?” Mrs.Williams asked.

“Um there’s a seat in front of me that he can have..” I said.

“Oh alright! Justin go have a seat right in front of Shaelyn.”

Justin came over and sat in the desk in front of me. He turned around and waved. I smiled and slowly nodded. He turned back around and I could tell he was embarrassed…

“Okay class settle down, settle down. I’m gonna pass out the test now. Justin you don’t have to do it since you’re new-”

“N-no I’ll do it.” He spat.

Everyone looked at him.

“Well alright.” Mrs.Williams said passing out the test.


Throughout the test I continuously glanced up at Justin. He seemed to be speeding through the questions. And there I was stuck on number 4. Damnit. In sbout 3 minutes Justin got up and handed the test to Mrs.Williams. He quickly came back to sit down but tumbled over someone’s foot. I watched as he fell down. Everyone began laughing.

“Hey! Hey! Get back to the test.” Mrs.Williams shouted.

Im about 2 minutes the room went quiet again. Justin got up and came to sit down. I ripped a piece of paper out out my notebook and wrote something on it:

Are you okay?

I folded it up and slid my hand forward to Justin’s desk slowly. I dropped it on his desk. I pulled back and took my complete test up to the teacher. When I walked back to my desk there lied the note. I sat down and read it:

I’m fine. So…You know my name.. What’s yours?

I replied with:

I’m Shaelyn Beer nice to meet you.

I handed the note back to him and smiled. I made a new friend.


As the teacher graded test she gave us a little time to chat. So I talked to Justin. I tapped on his shoulder and he slowly turned around. I waved at him. “Hello!” I said in a sweet childish voice. A smiled formed across his face. “Hi.” He said croakily.

“So why did you move here? Not trying to sound mean or anything. I wasn’t trying to be mean.” I stated.

“Well um…” His face turned a pale shade like he was embarrassed or was trying to hide something.

“I get it if you don’t wanna talk. It’s like giving personal info out to a stranger.” I said grinning.

“Well I moved here because my parents had divorced and my mom had to get away. And I also had a few issues at my old school..”

Issues? I just looked at him confused not sure of what that meant.

“Oh Justin. You have a 100% on the test. Great job.” Mrs.Williams announced.

“Well done nerd. Well done. Go back to Canada!” This boy yelled from across the room. His friend gave him a high five and everyone in the room began laughing.

“Good one Roar.” His friend congratulated.

I saw that Justin was hurt. So he simply turned back around and slammed his head down on the desk. By this point the teacher had scolded the boy but, I wasn’t done yet. I stood up and pointed at him.

“Before you go around embarrassing others, shall I remind you of the nickname your mommy calls you?” I asked.

“Shaelyn. You. WOULDN’T.”

The room went silent.

“Rory-mic Roar-Roar Bear!” I announced.

Everyone started laughing. Even Justin. I felt good.


I stood there looking in my locker for my English book. But it was nowhere to be found. I heard some type of commotion going on behind me so I turned around. Justin stood in front of these two guys. Uh… Rory and his friend. I shut my locker and slowly walked over. I hid behind a locker trying to figure out what was going on. There Justin stood with a tight grip around his books he was carrying.

“E-excuse me g-guys I need to get to my.. my locker.” Justin mumbled.

“No can do Biebs. Sorry.” Rory teased.

I marched over stood on my tiptoes and smacked him. “Get the hell out of his way!” I merely screamed. Rory stared at me for about a minute. Then he began laughing.

“Funny, funny.” Rory said knocking Justin’s books on to the ground. His friend shoved me and I fell down. Then the boys began walking away.

“Are you okay?” Justin asked kneeling down next to me. I could honestly feel a bruise making it’s way to my ass. But I brushed it off. I rubbed my left shoulder and then began picking up my books with my free hand.

“I’m fine.” I say with a crackly voice. Justin gave me a hand and helped me up. “Are you sure? You fell pretty hard.” Justin stated.

I got up and handed Justin his books, then I wiped off my shorts. “I’m fine okay? So..” I said scanning my brain for something to say. “About earlier.. What kind of issues di you have at your school?” I asked as we began walking. We walked a little further and once we were outside we sat down on the bench.

“Well I mean I guess I just didn’t get along that well with others. And better yet they didn’t get along with me..” Justin said looking down. I patted his shoulder.

“Hey.. Hey! Things are different now. You’re here and things will get better you just have to believe.” I assured him.

He returned a friendly smile and said “Thank you Shaelyn.”

Things are definitely different.

(A/n: YAY!!! First chapters out! Thoughts? I honestly took soo long writing and typing this.. I hate writing too much. Too much to type. But it was worth it I know that for sure. Next chapter?? Whenever I finish something new LOL)  

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