That night

The story is about 3 girls Rosie, Lucia and Heidi. They have heard stories of Willow Fields Castle for years, the castle is a derelict building now but nobody dares enter the somewhat haunted castle on the third mountain of the east...


1. Entering the past...

We huddle in front of my older brother Elliott, he is a great story teller and knows all of Yorkshire's heritage stories (Yorkshire is where we live). He begins " On that spooky, eerie and wintery night of October there was four young, pretty and in danger girls they had no clue of their fate. Florence  Martinson,  Elena Oldwood, Rose Lowell and Nancy Marlins all died a brutal and fateful death that night of October 1942 in the castle on the third mountain of the east."


We gasp in horror he claps his hands really loud and we all jump in terror. My friends are waiting for their parents to come to collect them but we remember this is a sleepover we go into my room and we sit there in shock of the story. Rosie begins "It's not rue is it?" 

"I hope not" replies Heidi. We sit in silence until my mum pokes her head around the door peering in my bedroom she says "Time for bed girls". We jump. We are scared. 

"Sorry i didn't mean to startle you girls get some sleep or you'll be really tired in the morning" my mum says as she shuts the old oak door.

"We should go to that old castle" says Rosie 

We look at her as if to say we would never trust you 

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