What I Hate About My Family

There are a lot of us in our family. Seven of us actually. I guess that's pretty cool, except the fact that you can't have any peace. **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas.**


1. Amelia - My Family

There are a lot of us in our family. Seven of us actually. I guess that's pretty cool, except the fact that you can't have any peace.

My older sisters - Amy and Lauren - always go on about things I haven't even learn about yet like girly stuff and periods. Don't laugh, it's well frustrating not knowing what they mean, and it's not my fault nobody's told me yet. And there's no point trying to ask them; they just tell me to push off and to find out by myself.

But Mrs Fudge says that at the end of the year we will have a special lesson about it since we're moving off to highschool next year. I dread the thought of highschool; large corridors, older students, strict teachers... bullies. Not that I have been bullied though. Lauren's been bullied; probably because she can't keep her head out of a book and she's so mature and well-spoken.

"I just haven't got anything in common with these chavs," Lauren once said, shaking her head wearily.

At this point, Amy stormed out the room because if any of us were a chav, it would be her. She has a thing about Paul's Boutique which Rob claims is really tacky (I'll tell you about him later) and she talks slang. She even hangs around with chavs and sometimes when Mum doesn't catch her, she sneaks out the house wearing these massive gold hoops the size of bangles. Rob says are the definition of chavvy.

But Amy doesn't mind. She wants to fit in at school and is probably the most popular out of all the family. The rest of us are on the not-so popular side. Well, excluding Rob. He kind of just keeps to himself and apparently girls find him attractive. I don't see why; he's probably used up his fifth tube of acne cream by now without much luck, and his hair is just a blonde mess. But he's great at skateboarding, and brave as well. Pretty much everyone keeps out his way, because otherwise they'd better watch out...

Then there's Lily. She's probably the cutest thing you could ever imagine, and like a sweet and delicate lily... haha joke. Don't get me wrong she is cute, being young for her age, with two little pig tails and massive blue eyes. But she's also a nightmare. A day doesn't pass without her ground-shaking tantrums and her unrealistic demands.

Like when she demanded to be a fairy at the top her voice, and I kindly explained that, "It was impossible to become a fairy so there's no point yelling about it." Later that day I returned to my room to find my very mutated teddy, with a missing head, surrounded by balls of fluff.

I also have Mum and Dad, and Gran, and countless cousins, but I'll be here all day if I talked about everyone. So I'll leave you to work out the rest. Instead, I should probably start telling you about what happened, starting on the day when everything started to go wrong. And how everything seemed to go down hill from there.

So here we go...

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