Who me?!?

Luna doesn't know who her mom is, she lives with her dad, and wants her mate to show up. But on the evening of the eclipse, the evening of her birthday, something happens to her energy, she becomes weak. When she wakes up the next day, something has happen to her, that doesn't make any sense ...

I need a lot of other characters!


2. Hello guys (a/n)

So hey guys, the first chapter will come out in about a week, I think, maybe before, but I need some more characters, I have the evil witch and some of the persons that are close to the girl luna, that the story is about, but I need some more, I only have about 15 characters now 6 of them is made up by me, so I kinda need some more :) but I hope u would participate, and please write what powers u want or say to me that I should pick for u :) 
see ya 

- Nicole  



(if u are lucky I might update tonight if I get to tidy up my room totally. But shhh, keep it as a secret ;) )

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