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Luna doesn't know who her mom is, she lives with her dad, and wants her mate to show up. But on the evening of the eclipse, the evening of her birthday, something happens to her energy, she becomes weak. When she wakes up the next day, something has happen to her, that doesn't make any sense ...

I need a lot of other characters!


7. Chapter 5

important a/n in the end, please read :)


He bends down a little and took his bag, then he walked out to the bathroom and closed the door. I caught myself still looking at the door. I quickly turned my head away and walked over to my TV, to turn it on and put the DVD in. I quickly pressed the play button, and the movie started, then I pressed the pause button so I could wait for Luke to come out. Wait is it just me, or am I calling him Luke all the time now? Well never mind. I think he like it anyway. I put the remote on the bed and laid down closing my eyes, just to get the light out of them.
My period migraines still comes and goes even though it just finished, but it is normal for me. I heard the door to the bathroom open, and food steps coming closer. “Are you alright babe” Luke’s voice said filling the room. "Yeah, just period migraines" I answered and opened my eyes to reveal an almost naked Luke. "I like the view" I said and looked at Luke's abs. God I could drool over them all day. "Thanks babe" he said and gave me a heartwarming smile. He lay down beside me and took the remote. "Shall we" he asked. "We shall" I answered and smiled. The movie started and we watched it. The movie ended and we began talking about all sorts of things. Hours went by and we decided to go to bed. I snuggled into Luke’s chest and fell into a deep sleep. 
“Babe wake up, it’s your birthday” a voice said. I remember that voice, Luke. I smiled and heard Luke laugh. I opened my eyes and meet Luke’s hazel eyes. That’s when it hit me, his not my mate. Disappointment went through me. I looked down.
“I’m sorry, I knew you wanted me as a mate” I say with a sad voice. “It’s okay babe, I will find her soon and you will find him soon” he says with a confident voice.
“Happy birthday!” Nixon and lily yells walking through the door. “Thanks” I smiled too them getting out of bed to give them each a thank you hug. “Your dad is calling” Nixon said and walked out the door with Lily, both smiling big. “Okay I’ll be there soon.”
I walk to the bathroom. I turn on the water and let it switch from cold to warm. Then I striped and got in.
I ran down the stairs after getting on some clothes. “Dad” I called through mind link. “Yes hun” he answered. “Where are you” I asked him. “In the kitchen” I went to the kitchen to find dad and Rita talking. “Hi sweetie” Rita said and came over to me. “Happy 18’ birthday” she smiled and gave me a big bone squishing hug. “Thanks Rita” I said and gave her a big smile. “Happy birthday my little child” my dad said and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek. “Dad I’m not little anymore” I said and gave him a glare. “Yes, that is why I need to talk to you about why you couldn’t get your mate until you were 18” he said and smiled. “Well okay, let’s go to your office then” I said and smiled for myself. I had been waiting 2 years to know why I couldn’t get my mate until I was 18, that were why I was sure that john was my mate, but john’s mate was Ditte. Witches get their mates when they are 18, but werewolves get their mates when they are 16, so it is weird that I couldn’t get mine when I was 16. The reason why withes get their mate when they are 18 is because they get older than werewolves so they get their mate later, and their powers grow until they are 18.
“The reason you couldn’t find your mate at the age of 16, is because you were born on the day of the eclipse and you were born dead” my dad said. I looked at him with big eyes. “What do you mean” I ask him. “I mean, you died while you were born, and when you die on an eclipse and live up again, it will make you have two extra years before you find your mate. I know it sounds weird, but that is what our doctor told us” “Okay, when is the party starting” I asked my dad “Well around 6 people are coming, but you can come down around 6:30” he said.



hey Guys, so as you might know, I haven't uploaded in a long time, and that is because I have writers blog. I'm writing 2 stories with my best friend, so I'm kind of focusing on those right now, but I will try and upload soon.

thank you for waiting, and if you are not in the story yet please write, so I know who is and who isn't and I will get you in the story at the party :)

love Nicole.

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