Who me?!?

Luna doesn't know who her mom is, she lives with her dad, and wants her mate to show up. But on the evening of the eclipse, the evening of her birthday, something happens to her energy, she becomes weak. When she wakes up the next day, something has happen to her, that doesn't make any sense ...

I need a lot of other characters!


5. Chapter 3

~~We finally got everything, and went back to the car, it was already 18 and we had been in the mall for about 3 hours. When we got home, people were running in and out of the pack house. As I think you guys have guessed. I live in the pack house with my dad, Ditte, Lukas, and a lot of other people. I have a little cabin in the woods I use often and sleep in, with Ditte and Lukas, but I will sleep in the pack house also, especially when my birthday is tomorrow. "Dad" I kind of yelled through the mind link. "Yes Hun, and please don't yell" my dad answered. "What the hell is going on" I asked. "Hun no swearing, and we are just getting ready for tomorrow" he answered. "Dad, it's Friday, you have all day tomorrow to do it" I said. "Yeah, yeah, just go to the kitchen, there is some KFC for you and Ditte" while he said KFC I began smiling. I love KFC, but I don't eat it so often because the closest KFC, is about 50 kilometers from the pack house. And when you are hungry, you don't really want to drive that far for something to eat. I looked at Ditte, and gave her the signal. We both sprinted inside to the food, and ate. When we were done we went out of the car and got our things.
The time was now 20 and there is an hour, then Lukas will come. I took my dresses and hang them in my little walking closet. I put my shoes on one of the shelf’s that was empty. I then turned around and looked at my jewels. I always look at them, they are so pretty. After standing there looking for 10 min. I decided that I would take a bath and chance into my pajamas. I went into the bathroom that is connected to my room; I looked at my shampoo and conditioner and decided that I would use my new ones I bought earlier when we went shopping.
It smelled so good. I quickly showered, so I could dry my hair a little before Lukas came. I have no idea why I did so many things, when it was only Lukas. But what the hell, sometimes I just feel like doing some weird things. When I was finally done, the times were 5 to 21 and that means that he could be here any minute. Fast information, my pajamas was a crop top, with short shorts, and a pair of really soft socks. My hair was in a messy ponytail and I had no makeup on.
I pulled out a book from my book shelf, not looking to see with one I picked. I sat down on my bed and crawled over to the wall to lean on to it. When I finally looked at the book, I picked the old story about the moon goddess. I remember my dad always read this to me as a goodnight story.

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