Who me?!?

Luna doesn't know who her mom is, she lives with her dad, and wants her mate to show up. But on the evening of the eclipse, the evening of her birthday, something happens to her energy, she becomes weak. When she wakes up the next day, something has happen to her, that doesn't make any sense ...

I need a lot of other characters!


4. Chapter 2

~~I could see her blushing behind her makeup. She normally doesn’t blush, but she did. "I can't do anything about it, it was an accident, it was something the moon goddess chose" she said really fast. "It's okay sweets, I knew he was too good to be true for me" I said and smiled at her. She looked at me with the widest smile I had ever seen her do. "Okay, wait a sec, what am I missing?" Lukas asked. I looked at him and then laughed. "Ditte and John are mates" I said and smiled at Ditte. "Wait, then that means that you don't have John as mate, or boyfriend" Lukas said and looked me in the eyes.  "Yeah, is that good… or what?" I asked wondering what the hell he was thinking. 'Yeah of course it is, that means I might be your mate' I heard Lukas's voice say in my head. Oh oh, he forgot to close the mind link. I looked at Ditte and smiled, I knew she had heard it; she looked at me and smiled back with her eyes, quite creepy. "I don't know" he answered. I looked at him, smiled and said. "Well okay, I need to call Scarlet to know if she wants to go" I said and took out my phone. I dialoged her number and called. "Hey it Scarlet, please leave a message after the tone" it said. Beep. "Hey scar its Luna, I wondered if you wanted to go out after I'm done with school, please write me the answer" I said and pressed the red button to end the call.
2 seconds after I got a text saying she couldn't come, because she had other things to do. I just wrote back, that it was okay. "Well, scar isn't coming, so it’s just you and me" i said while looking at Ditte. The bell then rang and we went to our class. The rest of the school day went by fast, and it was suddenly 15:30 and we were off school. Ditte was waiting for me at the parking lot. She was waiting at my car, but she wasn't alone, guess who was standing with her. John.
Just before I was right beside them, they leaned in to kiss. I quickly turned around and saw Lukas; he was standing with his friends, talking. He suddenly turned his head and made eye contact with me, he smiled at me with a sweet smile. My legs suddenly began walking towards him. When I reached him, and looked him in the eyes. Then I came back to myself. It really felt like I wasn't myself. I hugged him and buried my head in his chest. I felt his arms snake around my waist. "You okay?" he asked in a sweet voice. "Yeah, it’s just weird to see my ex-boyfriend kissing my best friend" I answered with the saddest tone I've ever heard myself say. "I just want a mate I can cuddle up with". "Well I can come tonight and cuddle up with you if you want" Lukas said. I looked up, into his eyes. "Really" “Yes" he answered and smiled. "Well, then come to my room at 9 and we can cuddle, you can stay for the night if you want to" I said and smiled. "I need to go now, so I can by my dress" I said and let go. I went over to the car and went in. They were still kissing. I honked and saw them jump. I smirked at them and Ditte stepped into the car. "Why did you do that?" She asked in an irritated tone. "Well, you were kissing right in front of me and I still haven't gotten over him" I said and smiled to her to let her know that I was not totally sad. "I'm sorry Hun, I kind of forgot, with the whole mate thing" she said and smiled with her eyes again. Creepy. "Well, let's go to the mall!" I shouted and started my really nice car. When the engine purred, I pressed the speed and the engine began roaring, with the best roaring ever. It's the new 2014 Corvette Stingray in matte black. My dad gave it to me as an early birthday present. I love it, and it's fast, and I like fast. My dad is rich, but don't really like to use to many money, but he gave me this because he won the car and he has a car, so he gave it to me. And I love it! After about 10 min. Were we at the mall. We parked the car and went inside. I could see people looking at my car, out of the corner of my eye. We walked in and went straight to the cocktail dresses in the first store we saw. I knew it was a fancy dinner party at the pack house. So I needed a cocktail dress. I was looking for something blue, because it was one of my favorite colors. My favorite colors are blue and gray. I don't know why, it just is. When people ask me why these colors I always answer that I love the sky and the moon. They just nod and begin talking about other stuff. My dad said that my favorite colors are the same as my mom’s favorite colors. But, let’s find the dresses. After about two hours of looking I found the perfect dresses. There were 3 dresses I fell for. All blue. Ditte found 2, one black and one coral colored. They were all beautiful, and thanks to my dad, I got to buy all of them, including Ditte's dresses. We also got high heels; Ditte got two pairs, one black matching the black dress and one coral colored matching the coral dress. I got two pairs both blue. Ditte didn't want any jewelry and I don't need any, because I have 3 necklaces from my mom, they are moonstone necklaces. One for the half moon, one for the full moon and one for the eclipse. They are all beautiful. The names are given, because I have to have them on, on those moon days. I don't know why, and actually I don't need to, but they just call me when it’s the given moon day, I know it's weird, but it is weird. Well I got one more, and it is not as fancy as the other ones, but I wear it every day. I love my mom, even though she left, but she must have had a good reason for leaving and I respect that. Well no more talk about that.

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