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Luna doesn't know who her mom is, she lives with her dad, and wants her mate to show up. But on the evening of the eclipse, the evening of her birthday, something happens to her energy, she becomes weak. When she wakes up the next day, something has happen to her, that doesn't make any sense ...

I need a lot of other characters!


3. Chapter 1

~Luna Selene Alex, that's my name, did you know that Luna means moon? Well I didn't, not until Rita told me when I was 7. Actually I'm named after my real mom; her name was Lunatic Selene Alexander. I have never met her. Not ones in my life that I can remember. But it's kind of okay. My dad met Rita when I was 5, and she helped me through things I needed a mother for, so I'm doing fine. I'm a werewolf. Both my mom and dad were werewolves, Rita is one to. Rita is my dad's best friend; they are not in love with each other, because my dad still loved my mom. He can't love anyone, but my mom and I.
My dad is the alpha of the water pack and thanks to his hard work are we quite rich. The water pack is the biggest pack and is known for its way of thinking and strong fighters.

I go to school at this special school for supernatural creatures, only a few humans go there, but they have a family member with supernatural powers so they know about us. My best boyfriend name is Lukas, I would like to call him Luke, but I haven’t asked him if I can. We have known each other since we were pups or 2 years old. My best girl friend is Ditte we have known each other since we were 5, we have quite a story but let me tell you that later. I love them both very much. I haven't found my mate yet, I'll find him tomorrow, when my 18 year birthday is here. I'm excited to see him. My life has not been perfect. I had cutting issues and I was almost killed when I was 15. For some reason, I can't die. Every time I try to commit suicide or is almost killed, I always wake up from my 'deep sleep'. Like God is watching over me and don't want me dead yet.
I actually have a boyfriend his name is John. He is so sweet. I like him, but I don’t love him from the bottom of my heart. I don't know if he's my mate, he is 18 so I when I turn 18 I will know if he is.
Right now I'm in school talking to Lukas about the mate thing, I actually think I have some feelings for him, but he is my best friend and I don't want to mess anything up. I had feelings for him when I was small, but I don’t know if is still have them. Lukas hasn’t found his mate yet, he is still waiting for her. I think his mate is Ditte. They are so cute together. Me, Ditte and Lukas have talked about the mate thing together. And if Ditte and Lukas became mates it's not going to ruin anything, the same the other way around, if me and Lukas.
"So, what are you two doing this afternoon?" I asked Ditte and Lukas. They both looked at me questions full. "I want to go shopping for my birthday party" I said and looked out the window, I saw the trees wave a little, telling me it was windy outside. ”what do you want to buy” Lukas asked. I turned my head and looked into Lukas’s hazel eyes, I always loved his eyes, the colors brown and green mixing together like they don’t care about anything. “I need to buy a dress and some shoes” I said, still looking him in the eyes, exploring the colors. “I don’t really want to go, I hate going shopping” a voice said on my left side. I turned my head and looked into Ditte’s blue grey eyes.
Ditte is actually a witch; they have the same with mates. But as most of you know, normally you would be mated with someone same kind as you, but there is not so many man witches left or wizards as some people call them. And the most of them is already taken, so witches can actually be mated with other beings. “Please, for me” I said and maid my puppy eyes. I know she can’t say no to it, no one can say no to my puppy eyes and especially Lukas. He has always been weak to them, and he still is.  “Okay, but only because I can’t stand those eyes” she said and gave me a glare. “I know you love me” I said and smirked at her. “yeah-yeah, just keep thinking that” she said and waved me away, taking a sip of her coffee, even though I know that is a hot chocolate, because she hates coffee. She has this deal with the cafeteria lady to give her hot chocolate, even though she says black coffee. I know her. She is a nice person when you get to know her, but she has some pretty irritating ways to go through things. “You going?” I asked Lukas, while looking at my chai latte. I didn’t feel like drinking the whole thing. “Sorry I can’t” he said. You could hear the sadness in his voice. “I have some plans with the guys” he added. It suddenly felt like someone was sticking a knife into my stomach. Ugh! Stupid period. Why does it have to come now? Okay it came 6 days ago, and it’s almost done, but I still have the pain for some weird reason. "Hey babe" someone said behind me. I turned around and saw John. "Hi" I said and smiled at him.
I suddenly felt Ditte tens beside me. I looked at her; she was still looking at her coffee/hot chocolate. She had done that a lot the last month, since her birthday. Weird. "Can I talk to you" he asked. I looked at him questions full and stood up from my seat. He took me out behind the school, and then stopped and looked at me. He kept staring at me with eyes I had never seen before, like a mix between, sadness and caring. "Luna, I found my mate, I'm sorry, but it's not you" he said and looked down. Wow that hurt, but actually I was knew I wasn't going to be his mate.
I knew deep down that he would never be my mate. He was too good to be true. "It's okay, I'll find my mate soon anyway, and I knew it would never be true. That you would be my mate" I said and smiled at him. I walked up to him and picked his cheek. "I hope we still can be friends" I said and gave him a hug, hugged back; the hugged said that we still could be friends. We talked about the being in a relationship and broke up, since he had a mate. "So who's your mate?" I asked while we walked into the cafeteria. "Erm... It's Ditte" he said and blushed a little. "Oh her... Wait what! That's so cute!" I yelled, everyone turned around and looked at us. I turned my head to look at them. "For God sake people, stop starring." I yelled out to them, they went back to their own conversations. "Well have you talked about it" I asked him and looked in the direction where Ditte was sitting. "Yeah, but I don't know if she likes me, you know she is Ditte, the girl most people is afraid of because if her powers" he said looking at me, with a sad look. "Hahah, yeah but she is nice when you get to know her" I said laughing about the reason everybody is afraid of her.
I know she's a witch but she is nice. And her powers are not that dangerous, okay maybe they are but just be nice and she wouldn’t attack. We parted and I walked over to the table and sat down. "So what was all that about" Lukas asked me. I turned my head and looked at Ditte. "Why don't you tell us about it" I asked Ditte.

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